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How do I Ensure Effective Team Management?

Why managing a team well is essential.

By Emma Meakin

Effective team management applies the same principals as effective communication; it is a two-way street which is dependent on the interpersonal relationship you build between yourself and your team.

Build trust

For team management to be effective you need to think about the ways in which you not only motivate and build team trust, but also how your team can become demotivated and trust could break down.

Trust is key in a teamwork environment - your team needs to be able to trust you as their manager who will look after their needs, but you also need to trust your team with tasks. Therefore, to be an effective manager you need to to take the steps not only to prevent a breakdown of trust, but also to motivate your team.

Understanding roles

Also, people need to understand their role within a team, and feel able to contribute ideas without fear of being ignored or ridiculed by management or other team members. Be sensitive to any team member who is feeling excluded.

Encouraging joint problem solving, information sharing and cooperation. Encourage members to discuss their goals and values, and to evaluate their team’s own performance, strengths and weaknesses. Establish regular team meetings and processes for listening to the contributions of each team member before arriving at a consensus.

Motivation tactics

If your team is in sales, why not suggest that the member with the highest sales figures that week gets a coffee, cake or drink on you? This will not only motivate your team to raise their game but also allow them to see you as a human being and not just a member of management.

Taking simple steps such as a team drink once a month, an open door or regular team meetings will re-enforce your team's bond and ensure that any issues bubbling away under the surface are dealt with quickly and effectively.