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We want to help you and your clients navigate these difficult times. We're currently adapting our processes and training our team to give your clients decisions quicker than ever. Here's what we're doing

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Fleximize specializes in supporting business growth while empowering UK SMEs with free tools and impartial advice from our fast-expanding Knowledge Hub.

By working with partners that are equally dedicated to helping SMEs succeed, we believe we can be even more effective. That's why we're constantly looking for other organizations to join our mission.

Why join us on our lending revolution?

As the UK's first revenue-based finance provider, we're pioneers in business funding, offering a suite of truly flexible finance options to suit all types of SMEs. We operate a lightning-fast process — from application to funding — and Fleximize clients have a dedicated point of contact at every step of their lending journey.

We've lent over £300 million to UK businesses

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Business partnerships

As a pioneer of business finance, we're always looking for new opportunities and partnerships to enhance our current proposition and contribute to the growth of the SME finance sector.

We're highly ambitious and we intend to revolutionize our industry, but we'd like to do it in good company. Whether you'd like to strike up a partnership, develop new products and systems or share data, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A great, simple product, supported by a team that "get it", we find the service to be excellent and our clients are well looked after. Steve Richardson, Funding Options

Introducers and affiliates

We welcome all types of business-focused introducers, from specialist brokers to lender comparison sites. If you'll be referring qualified leads, either online or over the phone, then our affiliate scheme is the ideal option. If you intend to personally refer clients to us, then please make contact to inquire about becoming an introducer..

Become an affiliate

If you'd like to earn money by referring qualified leads to Fleximize, our affiliate scheme is perfect for you. To find out more about becoming an affiliate, simply get in touch with our marketing team by calling 0207 1000 110 or via email.

Register as an introducer

We work closely with a wide range of introducers including specialist brokers, accountants and financial advisors, to ensure we continue to provide outstanding services to our clients.

If you're interested in introducing businesses to Fleximize, complete our simple contact form. Once registered, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to your account, and will give you a call to introduce themselves and get you set up.

Introducer scheme benefits

Simple Deal Submission and Real-Time Updates

Speedy application, simple monitoring and complete transparency.

Fast Funding

You'll get a decision-in-principle within as little as 24 hours of submitting an application, and can have drawdown within 48 hours.

Recurring Commissions, No Clawback

Quick payouts with commissions for all additional borrowing within the first 12 months of taking on a client. Plus your payout is completely secure, regardless of the long-term performance of the loan.

Innovative Products

Keep your clients happy by offering a range of products, from revenue-based finance to a fixed-interest loan.

Once you're registered, you'll be able to use your online portal login to submit deals, and your account manager will be on hand to keep you and your client updated every step of the way. Download our introducer pack for details on what we're looking for, and how our scheme works.