Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans let you plan ahead and keep your business cash flow on track

Fleximize offers a range of flexible business loans that are ideal for boosting working capital and are specifically designed to support small business growth.

Working Capital Loans
A working capital loan is a loan businesses use to finance typical day-to-day operations.

A working capital loan is a common borrowing need for all sizes of businesses, especially ventures that are still in the startup to early-stage phase. Borrowing to ensure you have available working capital shouldn't be seen as a negative – it takes pressure off you at times when you need to plan your company’s future, even though your revenue may going through a bit of a dip.

Getting small business financing helps you grow your venture, regardless of whether you’re waiting for customers to pay invoices, or whether there’s a seasonal low in business.

How working capital loans can help

The primary purpose of a working capital loan is to finance everyday operations of a company, meaning you you can use the loan for lots of things that’ll keep your business on track for success on a day-to-day basis.

Most businesses chose this type of versatile finance to aid daily cash flow, but it can also be used for a number of other purposes, like buying stock, recruiting new employees, funding business expenses, expanding your enterprise or for marketing initiatives. It’s really up to you how you invest the cash and you have lots of options.

Flexible capital for small businesses

Small business owners running limited companies and LLPs can get quick business loans of up to £500,000 from alternative finance lender Fleximize. Sole traders can borrow from £25,000.

Fleximize is different to many other business finance providers offering business capital, as they take a personalised approach. All lending decisions are made by real people and all customers are assigned a personal relationship manager, who gets to know each customer so they can provide a tailored loan, designed for individual SMEs.

Also, to help small and medium-sized enterprises, Fleximize charges no fees for early repayments. If your cash flow improves, you simply repay the loan and you’ll only pay the interest for the period you had the loan, making it the ideal solution for short-term capital boost.

If you find yourself having to tighten those purse strings again, Fleximize provides fee-free payment holidays and working capital loan top-ups.

Working capital loan products

As a pioneering UK business lender, Fleximize offers flexible business loans tailored to your business needs.

You can either apply for a secured loan, where you’d need to provide company collateral as security against the loan, or an unsecured loan, which doesn't require security, but might come with a higher interest rate.

Borrowing for business doesn’t need to be a headache – Fleximize’s online application only takes a few minutes, and the working capital loan can be with you within 48 hours.

Get your small business loan today

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