The Fleximize Team

About Fleximize

We're a UK-based business lender and web platform with a difference. We launched in January 2014 with a handful of staff, a bold, new idea and a mission to revolutionize the world of business funding. We had a simple objective: to provide a suite of truly flexible funding options, tailored to your business' unique needs, and to listen to you - the business owner - to make your funding work for you.

Meet The Fleximize Team

We believe that, for too long, business owners have been too limited when it comes to finding funding to grow their business. Banks and other institutions have made access to working capital a lot more difficult and rigid than it should be. Business owners have been put under extra pressure by tight repayment deadlines, an impersonal service and, more often than not, a screen that just says 'no'.

What we stand for

We're logical
Be Logical

We make our decision based on multiple factors, and always look for a reason to say yes, rather than some complicated banking algorithm that looks for a reason to say no.

We're flexible
Be Flexible

We allow you to choose how you want to repay and give you access to top-ups and repayment holidays as and when you need them.

We're there
Be There

We provide everyone with a dedicated relationship manager, so you have a friendly voice at the end of the phone whenever you have a question.

We're helpful
Be Helpful

We take the time to listen to you, understand your business and work out a package that allows you to concentrate on what really matters - growing your business.

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