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Business Loans for Problem Solvers

Take a look at our award-winning business loans for innovation

Looking for ways to better serve your customers? Spotted a fundamental flaw in your industry and want to provide an innovative solution? We're here to help.

We've worked with plenty of SME owners over the years who are disrupting their industries to bring innovative solutions to customers, or, as we like to call them, the problem solvers of the business world. Whether you want to develop better ways to serve your customers, or need funding to expand your B Corp's product range, we're here to help.

Funding designed for problem solvers

We've supported problem solvers with business finance across multiple industries, from weddings to construction. If you've noticed an oversight in the way your industry functions and built a business around fixing that problem, we've got the funding to support you. Here's a look at how our flexible finance products have supported innovative business owners over the years:

1. Finding better ways to serve your customers

Plenty of business owners have approached us after running their business for a few years and spotting a way to better serve their customers, whether that's through introducing a new line of products or making a key change to processes and operations. We've also lent businesses the funds to help develop apps to improve customer service, or add new features to existing products to cater for a niche.

For example, our customer Polly launched her business, Nabbd, the first UK bridal shop of its kind, to solely stock bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Fleximize provided her an initial loan to bring her niche offering to physical premises, and then further funding on two more occasions, allowing her to expand her product range, including bringing in dresses from a new designer.

Unlike other lenders, Fleximize considers the overall potential of a business, not just credit score and trading history, when assessing each loan application. That's why small business owners looking for ways to improve their offering find they often have better luck with alternative finance providers compared to traditional lenders.

2. Making an ethical change

If you run a small business that's going above and beyond in terms of corporate social responsibility and creating a positive impact on your local community, our flexible business loans have been designed to work for your needs.

Whether you want to hire a CSR lead for your b2b business, or need to make changes to your supply chain to ensure it is ethical, our funding can be used to support your ethical growth plans.

Our team will get to know the person behind the business, listen to your needs, and match you with the best product, rates and loan terms. You’ll also be greeted by the same point of contact if you return to us for another round of funding later on.

3. Providing a sustainable solution

Many business owners across the UK, and the globe, are making changes to ensure their business model takes sustainability into account. For example, Fleximize customer Saj started Maple People because he was struggling to find sustainable alternatives when planning construction projects during his 15-year career in the industry. He wanted to find a way to change how those in the industry design, build, and use spaces. Now, Maple People helps to create economically-viable and sustainable development plans for construction firms.

Saj was ready to launch his first prototype last year, and was looking for a funding partner to support his plans. But, due to many traditional lenders viewing construction businesses as 'high risk', Saj struggled to secure funding and found himself wasting time chasing banks for months on end.

Unsure of where to turn, Saj was referred to Fleximize by his accountant. The Fleximize team took the time to understand Saj's plans to use the investment to get his first innovation out to the market, spread the word about sustainability in construction and create better practice in the industry. We were able to send Saj the £20,000 he needed within a week so that he could focus on building his business and launching his prototype.

Business finance for innovation:

Saj used a Fleximize business loan to develop his sustainable construction business

How Fleximize can help

Whether you're looking to introduce an ethical line of clothing to your fashion brand or want to set up a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, our loan options and processes have been carefully designed with your needs in mind. 

Our Flexiloan product is great for businesses that have been trading for 12+ months, whilst our recently launched Flexiloan Lite is designed for businesses that have been trading for 6+ months. We can offer you up to £500,000 over a term of 3-48 months, and funds can be with you in as little as 24 hours. Here's how we can help:

If you run an innovative or ethical business and need a funding partner to support your growth plans, drop us a call on 020 7100 0110, and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk you through our products. 

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