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Business Loans for Number Crunchers

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Hot on numbers? So are we. We’ll tailor your funding package to suit your business and our Penalty-Free Promise means that you’ll never overpay on your business loan with us.

We understand that, sometimes, it can make financial sense to take out a business loan for purposes such as debt consolidation or purchasing your business premises in order to make bigger savings. That's why our loans have been specially designed for those business owners who think long-term or, as we like to call them, the number crunchers of the business world.

Funding designed for number crunchers

Over the years, we've helped plenty of SME owners save money in the long-term through a flexible business loan. For example, our funding has been used for:

1. Debt consolidation

It's not uncommon for small business owners to take out multiple short term business loans during their journey. However, once you have a number of loans outstanding, it can make financial sense to consolidate this debt and spread repayments over a longer term at a cheaper rate to save on monthly cost.

This essentially frees up cashflow on a monthly basis so funds can be used elsewhere in the business, such as to increase staff levels, for marketing campaigns or even just to ensure you have the working capital available in case an unexpected bill arrives.

At Fleximize, we understand that comparing interest rates across loan products can be tricky. That's why our award-winning business loan calculator can help you quickly and easily compare loans to find a product that best suits your debt consolidation needs. We also offer top-ups and repayments during your loan term so that your loan comes with breathing space built-in.

2. Purchasing a big piece of tech/software

We've worked with hundreds of small business owners over the years who tell us they can significantly increase production and profit if they were to purchase a key piece of machinery or tech, but find themselves held back by a lack of working capital.

The number crunchers of the business world understand that, sometimes, making a big upfront payment and investing in your business can actually reap much larger cost savings or profits later down the line. Our loans go up to £500,000 in value and can be spread over a 60-month period, meaning that piece of machinery that seemed out of budget may be within reach after all.

Whether it's a piece of equipment that will speed up production in your manufacturing business, or bespoke software that will automate operations in your tech firm, our loans have been designed with this type of business growth in mind, and our relationship managers will work closely with you to ensure you're offered a product that's carefully tailored to your specific needs.

3. Purchasing items you'd usually lease

Making cost-savings is high on the agenda for all UK SMEs right now, so it's important to consider how purchasing items that you'd usually lease could save you a substantial sum in rental costs. Whether it's a fleet of vans you'd usually lease for your courier business, or equipment for your hospitality or events business, many of our customers find that an outright purchase with the help of a business loan makes good financial sense as monthly loan repayments come in lower than rental expenditure.

Whilst many business owners may be aware of this, few have the working capital to take action. This is most often the case with business owners who are considering renting versus purchasing their commercial property, which is where an alternative finance provider can help - at Fleximize, our loans go up to £500,000 in value and so can be used to purchase items outright that would usually be leased.

For example, our customers Mark and Steve from Preloved Kilo - a vintage clothing retailer - used a Fleximize business loan for precisely this purpose. Having initially transported their stock to each event using a small fleet of hired vehicles, the directors sought funding to purchase a number of vans, enabling them to save over £5,000 a month on the costs of hiring. You can hear more about their story below.

Working Capital Business Loans:

The team at Preloved Kilo were able to make long-term savings by purchasing their business fleet

How Fleximize can help

Whether you're looking to purchase your business premises, invest in a key piece of tech to speed up operations, or want to consolidate your debt, our award-winning loan options and processes have been carefully designed with your needs in mind.

Our original Flexiloan product is the perfect option for businesses that have been trading for 12+ months and who are looking for a long-term high-value business loan. We can offer you up to £500,000 over a term of 12-60 months, and funds can be with you in as little as 24 hours. Here's a closer look at how we can help:

At Fleximize, we love helping small business owners achieve their growth plans. If you run a small business and need finance to make a change that will lead to savings later down the line, drop us a call on 020 7100 0110, and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk you through our products.

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