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Business Loans for Local Heroes

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During these unprecedented times, your community relies on you, and you can rely on us. Our industry-leading tech and award-winning customer service mean you can get on with what you do best - running your business.

We've supported many small businesses with funding during the pandemic in order to help them continue serving their local communities, or as we like to call them, the local heroes of the business world. So, whether it's to pay for staff PPE or to move operations to your employees' homes, we're here to help you facilitate a change in your business process during these trying times.

Funding designed for local heroes

Since the start of the pandemic, we've worked hard to ensure we can support as many small and essential sector businesses as possible - especially in regards to providing funding so that they can keep trading.

From local pharmacies to corner shops and delis, small business owners have taken out loans to facilitate deliveries, take on more staff to stay open for longer, or widen their product range to reflect changing buying patterns. Our small business loans are designed with such needs in mind. Here's a quick look at how our loans can help:

1. Making your space Covid-secure

From purchasing PPE and hand sanitizer, to making physical changes to your premises, the cost of making your office or customer-facing space Covid-secure can quickly stack up. At a time when revenue has taken a hit, our loans have supported business owners who need to pay for additional cleaning measures on a daily basis or set up screens between worker stations in factories.

Similarly, those in the hospitality industry have also sought funding for the costs associated with ensuring staff and customers feel safe when on their premises. Our business loans have been designed with flexibility and speed at their core so that you can make the changes you need to continue serving customers.

2. Purchasing additional technology

We've found that many of our clients have returned to us over the past few months to take out additional funding that will help them serve their customers throughout the pandemic. For example, many in the hospitality industry, such as restaurant and café owners, have purchased tech or developed apps for deliveries to serve customers safely.

Particularly at the start of lockdown, we were also able to help businesses purchase the tech they needed to allow employees to work from home, such as increasing cloud storage space and providing employees with software that can be accessed remotely. As more businesses move to a permanent home-working model, we continue to facilitate the purchase of additional software and tech through our flexible business loans.

3. Pivoting your offering

Many of the businesses we've worked with during the pandemic have turned to us to help them pivot their offering. We've seen clothing suppliers turn their business into PPE production lines, breweries pivoting to produce hand sanitizer and even local delis and greengrocers leasing vehicles so that they safely deliver goods to those who are shielding.

This often involves an injection of working capital, and with many businesses being rejected from accessing coronavirus business loans or government support such as CBILS, we recently updated our products to ensure they're better-designed for the UK's community of business owners during this time.

In fact, our customer Simon Broad, director at Brighton-based wine shop and bar Ten Green Bottles, was able to successfully pivot his business offering during the pandemic, and even found an innovative way to decant and deliver wine so that his customers could take part in virtual wine tastings. He secured funding to support this innovation, along with adapting his space to make it Covid-secure when he was legally allowed to reopen doors. You can read more about his story here.

Looking For Funding? Let's Talk.
Looking For Funding? Let's Talk.

If you want to know more about how we can support your business, give our friendly team a call and you'll get straight through to someone who can help, like Izzy. Or, if you're ready to apply, get started by clicking the button below.

How Fleximize can help

If you're a local hero who needs funding to adapt your offering and serve your local community during and after the pandemic, our small business loans have been designed with you in mind.

Here's how we go the extra mile to have your back:

At Fleximize, we're keen to do everything we can to support business owners who are serving their local communities during these turbulent times. Give us a call on 020 7100 0110, and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk you through our products.

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