Caz Blaxcell

Chief Marketing Officer

In any business, there should be somebody at the heart of every department, every process and every decision. And that person should always be the customer.

Who is Caz Blaxcell?

From a background in interior design and design management, Blaxcell has since become a jack of all trades in the marketing world. With experience in digital and offline campaign management from ideation through to implementation, she has been a significant influence in the development and growth of the Fleximize brand, and the expansion of its key marketing channels.

Outside of the day job, Blaxcell is a nerd for anything remotely creative, from painting pictures to making her own candles. As a former gymnast, she also dabbles in circus arts such as hoop and silks training.

Caz Blaxcell as head of marketing

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Fleximize, Blaxcell manages all aspects of the company’s marketing activity. This includes the development and implementation of the brand strategy, as well as the marketing strategy for new and existing products. She also manages all internal communications, drives Fleximize’s broker strategy and supports the business development team.

Since joining Fleximize in 2014, Blaxcell has been responsible for launching all of the company’s marketing campaigns and major marketing projects. This has included the complete redesign, rebuild and relaunch of Fleximize’s customer-facing website, which involved working closely with chief technology officer Cormac Scanlan.

Blaxcell’s early days with the company were spent creating and optimising marketing channels such as pay-per-click (PPC), establishing affiliate partnerships, learning about the alternative finance market and building out internal marketing processes.

She now has three additional pairs of hands to help with Fleximize’s marketing efforts. While digital marketing executive David Kiriakidis manages Fleximize’s social media and email marketing campaigns, content manager Jyoti Patel writes and edits all of the content on the Fleximize website, and paid media manager Matt Evans who manages Fleximize’s pay-per-click campaigns.

In late 2014, Blaxcell began developing Fleximize’s broker network. Starting with only a few brokers, Fleximize has since recruited a dedicated broker team and now works with more than 700 commercial finance brokers.

Blaxcell also liaises with Fleximize’s PR agency on external media opportunities, organizes radio advertising campaigns with the likes of Radio X and Heart FM, and coordinates Fleximize’s appearance at numerous exhibitions and conferences.

When time permits, Blaxcell contributes articles to The Knowledge Hub. While her latest piece explored how SMEs can compete with big brands on PPC, she's also written about the pros and cons of starting a side business and given business owners some handy tips on how to improve their local search visibility.

Caz Blaxcell's quick-fire round

  1. What's your favourite food?
    Thai food 💯. More specifically, a good lamb massaman curry.
  2. One film you can watch again and again?
    Anything with Melissa McCarthy
  3. Best band/artist in the world?
    I’m a sucker for an artist who really performs, so I’ll have to go with Beyoncé. Girl power!
  4. Can you share a culinary tip?
    Taste as you cook.
  5. Favourite TV show?
    There are too many…gripping documentaries!
  6. Best app for business owners?
    Asana. It's the best way to keep on top of your workload & collaborate.

What did Caz Blaxcell do before she joined Fleximize?

After graduating from De Montfort University with a degree in interior design and design management in 2010, Blaxcell landed a job working as a junior interior designer for The Cotton Tree, a Suffolk-based interior design company. The job involved working closely with clients to create interior schemes for single rooms to entire homes, and seeing the work through from first fix to final touches.

During her time here, Blaxcell developed a meticulous eye for detail that not only helped her exceed customer expectations, but also taught her how important clients are to any business. After working at the company for just over a year, Blaxcell had managed to clinch several jobs single-handed, and was working as the sole project manager for clients including a local heritage B&B.

Having enjoyed a taste of marketing while at The Cotton Tree, Blaxcell moved into the financial services sector in June 2011, taking a job as online marketing assistant for Ariste Holding, the consumer loans company founded by Fleximize’s managing partner Peter Tuvey.

Working in a small marketing team allowed Blaxcell to develop her marketing knowledge, and build skills around email marketing, customer retenti­on and affiliate management. Her creative flair helped give Ariste’s brand and marketing activity a new lease of life, while her attention to detail supported her growth in a role that demanded a high amount of data cleansing and delivery.

In the space of two and a half years, Blaxcell worked her way up from online marketing assistant to marketing manager, and was heavily involved in the meetings leading up to the successful sale of Ariste Holding to EZCORP. In April 2014, Blaxcell joined Fleximize as its Head of Marketing.

Since joining Fleximize, Blaxcell has successfully completed a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing (with B2B specialism) with the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing, achieving the highest award of a distinction.

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