Stacy Clementson

Head of Credit & Underwriting

Technology has revolutionized processes throughout the underwriting space, but it should augment human intelligence and interaction, not replace it.

Who is Stacy Clementson?

As one of Fleximize's longest-standing team members, Stacy Clementson manages the day-to-day operations of the underwriting and credit teams. After joining Fleximize in 2014, Stacy rapidly progressed to her current position as Head of Credit & Underwriting, utilising her years of experience to develop a fast, friction-free route to business funding for SMEs. 

Outside the office, Stacy enjoys spending time with her son, dining out, and watching football as a dedicated Spurs fan. When she's not watching sports, Stacy can be found shooting hoops as part of her local netball team.

Stacy as Head of Credit & Underwriting

Stacy supervises the underwriting process, assesses affordability, and approves lending decisions for all loan applications. She's also concerned with creating a positive customer experience and continually evaluates the application flow to find new ways to improve Fleximize's products and processes.   

Stacy's time is primarily spent monitoring the many applications processed by her underwriting team to check that each application meets Fleximize's lending criteria. Additionally, Stacy's responsible for sanctioning the loan amount and terms for approved clients. Alongside her day-to-day task, she's also involved in a number of critical projects, such as evaluating new decision-making technologies, developing bespoke lending procedures, checking technical specifications for system updates, and acting as a brand ambassador at public speaking events. 

In 2015, Stacy gained her AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification from Suffolk New College and is currently working towards her ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. As a leading finance professional, Stacy became a board member at the Financial, Insurance and Professional Services (FIPS) Group in 2020. The Suffolk-based organisation raises awareness of financial and professional sectors within schools, colleges, universities, and the wider community.  

One of Stacy's greatest achievements has been seeing the office expand from three staff members to over 50 employees and her instrumental role in this rapid growth. She's particularly proud to have developed a career while balancing her duties with raising a family, a goal that's supported by Fleximize's adaptable working policies. 

Stacy's quick-fire round 

  1. What's your favourite food?
     I love a barbecue, so anything like that 🥩
  2. One film you can watch again and again?
    Friends with Benefits 🎬
  3. Best band in the world?
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers 🎸
  4. Can you share a culinary tip?
     You can never over-use garlic! 🧄
  5. Favourite TV show?
    Suits 👔
  6. Best app for business owners?
    This is one that I've stolen from Caz Blaxcell, but I use Asana all the time 💡 

What did Stacy do before she joined Fleximize?

Stacy began her working life at the age of 18 when she took a job at a women’s clothing store. However, she quickly realised the retail industry was not her calling and started looking for a vocation that better suited her target-orientated nature.

She kicked off her career in the financial services sector as a loans processor and moved into customer collections shortly afterwards. In 2013, Stacy accepted a new role as Collections Manager at Ariste Holding, a consumer finance company launched by Fleximize’s co-founder and managing partner Peter Tuvey. During her time here, she oversaw a team of collection agents and managed an extensive debt portfolio. 

With six years’ experience of optimising the underwriting process and operations management, Stacy joined Fleximize as a relationship manager in January 2014, and was later promoted to Head of Credit & Underwriting.