Paul Geary

Head of Customer Success

Most businesses look for their competitive edge within the company itself. More often than not, its your customers, partners, and wider network that set you apart from the rest.

Who is Paul Geary?

Paul Geary first joined Fleximize in 2015 as part of the business development team. Building on his many years of experience, Paul quickly progressed through the ranks by significantly contributing to the development, execution, and monitoring of internal projects. Most recently, Paul has been involved in overseeing the restructuring of Fleximize's customer service and account management procedures as Head of Customer Success.

A sports fanatic, Paul can often be found enjoying a good game of golf, football, and yet more golf. In fact, he’s almost a single-figure handicap golfer!

Paul as Head of Customer Success

Paul began his journey at Fleximize in 2015 as a business development manager. While operating on the commercial side of the business, Paul became adept at building and maintaining relationships with Fleximize’s broker network and applicants to create an outstanding customer experience and deliver on key targets.

In 2019, Paul was promoted to Head of Projects, taking on the management and coordination of project activities from conception to completion. This has included the creation and long-term growth of Fleximize’s customer service strategy to nurture positive relations with prospective and existing customers.

Since then, Paul has progressed to Head of Customer Success. With a track record for excellent senior leadership, Paul now leads a team of support agents to make sure public enquires are quickly resolved in the best way possible, and that any outstanding issues are escalated and rectified. Paul takes an active role in the delivery of a high-quality experience for customers by directly guiding applicants through the online application process as well as monitoring the performance of the wider team as they advise customers on Fleximize’s approval criteria, underwriting process, and individual lending decisions.

By enhancing the quality of service across the customer journey, Paul and his team have significantly bolstered the proportion of completed applications that progress to the underwriting team, guaranteeing the best outcome possible for those seeking business funding.

Paul's quick-fire round

  1. What's your favourite food?
    Fish & chips
  2. One film you can watch again and again?
    Stand By Me
  3. Best band/artist in the world?
  4. Can you share a culinary tip?
    Chilli salt on mango is a taste sensation
  5. Favourite TV show?
    Forged in Fire
  6. Best app for business owners?
    Trello - the perfect app to organise projects

What did Paul do before he joined Fleximize?

After completing his A-level qualifications, Paul left education to take his first job as a theft claims adjuster at a highway insurance firm. In this role, Paul was charged with investigating and resolving insurance claims, maintaining excellent customer experience, and identifying areas for improvement in the customer journey.

Building on his experience, Paul made the transition to a managerial role in 2000 when he accepted a role at HFC, a consumer finance company that subsequently merged with the HSBC group. Whilst training as a branch manager, Paul gained vital insight into the operation, lending, and security of a bank branch, and continued to learn the value of great customer service. In 2002, Paul joined a credit insurance company to run the local office as Branch Manager for almost ten years.

During this time, Paul was heavily involved in the daily operations of the branch, including the processing and monitoring of claims. He was also responsible for the hiring, training, and performance management of new and current agents. As a testament to his supervisory and training skills, over half of Paul’s team were promoted to branch managers themselves.

In 2012, Paul became Head of Collections at Ariste Holding, a consumer finance company launched by Fleximize's co-founded Peter Tuvey. Paul oversaw the collections and recovery processes, ensuring that engagement with policyholders was fair and compliant with internal and external policies. As part of his duties, he led the collections team to ensure that company targets were achieved, reviewed operational procedures, and supported the implementation of new project management strategies. After several years, Paul transferred to Fleximize as a business development manager. After two years in project management, Paul migrated to the role of Head of Customer Success in 2021.