Leena Moonesamy

Compliance Director

Being a responsible lender is about having the customer’s best interest at heart when managing risk. Finding the best possible outcome for all parties is a top priority.

Who is Leena Moonesamy?

Coming from a background in commercial law, Leena Moonesamy is responsible for making sure that all business activity at Fleximize remains compliant with industry rules and regulations, as well as internal policies. Aside from her legal interests, Leena loves watching movies and reading a good book, but most of all, she adores her Maltese dog named Bonsai.

Leena as Compliance Director

As Compliance Director, Leena upholds company-wide compliance to external and internal regulatory policies by identifying and managing risk. This includes implementing Fleximize's compliance functions, anti-money laundering processes, and data protection rules across all departments. Moreover, Leena acts in an advisory role for the wider business, raising company awareness of compliance matters and offering legal guidance on issues such as GDPR, contract reviews, and vendor selection.

Leena oversees the completion of new loan applications by ensuring that all necessary checks are performed by her compliance team before a lending decision is made. Crucially, she's responsible for enforcing Fleximize's anti-money laundering policies and reporting any suspicious activity to the National Crime Agency. As part of her extensive role, Leena also monitors the quality of customer phone calls and evaluates these recordings to check for policy adherence, identify areas for improvement, and recommend corrective measures.

Since joining in 2014, Leena has successfully adapted the underwriting process to provide a faster, smoother experience for Fleximize's customers and its broker network without compromising on security. While carrying out her critical duties at Fleximize, Leena has become an avid gym-goer and has endeavoured to support her local community through voluntary initiatives.

Leena's quick-fire round

  1. What's your favourite food?
    Nandos – extra hot half chicken, Peri-Peri chips, and machos peas to be specific.
  2. One film you can watch again and again?
    Kill Bill
  3. Best band in the world?
    It's a close one, but either Metallica or Guns & Roses 🎸
  4. Can you share a culinary tip?
    Tamarin paste to fish curry is a must!
  5. Favourite TV show?
    Money Heist.
  6. Best app for business owners?
    Zoom, for obvious reasons!

What did Leena do before she joined Fleximize?

Leena graduated from the University of Mauritius with a degree in Law and Management before coming to the UK to complete her master’s degree in International Commercial Law at the University of Kent in 2003.

On her return to Mauritius, Leena worked for 12 months at a top law firm, following which she made her first move into the financial services industry. In 2006, Leena joined Standard Bank Trust where she worked her way up through the ranks to Compliance Manager and later headed up the fund valuation team. During her time here, Leena became fully immersed in a vast range of responsibilities, including presenting to senior investment managers and key stakeholders on behalf of the business.

Having gained several years of experience in the commercial finance space, Leena seized the opportunity to work in a London-based role before accepting her current position at Fleximize in September 2014.