Max Chmyshuk Appears on Let's Talk Business

Fleximize's co-founder discusses alternative finance on the radio show for entrepreneurs

23rd September 2016

Max Chmyshuk, Fleximize's co-founder and managing partner, appeared on the latest episode of Let's Talk Business, the UK's premier weekly radio programme for current and future entrepreneurs.

Speaking to Alan Coote, the show's presenter, Max discussed the emergence of the alternative lending sector in the wake of the financial crisis, and how companies like Fleximize have proved attractive to SMEs with their offer of speedy, flexible business finance.

Asked about the state of the industry following the EU referendum, Max commented: "Banks have started coming back to this market a little bit over the last couple of years, but with Brexit and the additional uncertainty that has been created as a result, I think we have started seeing banks retrench a little bit again. How long this will last, I don’t know, but from our perspective we see it as an opportunity to grow our lending further."

You can listen to the full interview with Max below, or on the Let's Talk Business website. It is also available for download on iTunes.

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