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Finance your inventory with a Fleximize business loan

Stock financing

As a business that sells physical products, you’ll need to achieve a level of flexibility in your inventory management system to enable you to keep up with the latest trends. It’s crucial to have a steady supply of inventory while remaining agile enough to increase or decrease stock if demand suddenly changes.

Whether you’re a small or established business, no company should struggle with cash flow issues. We set out to financially support small businesses like yours so that when time-sensitive opportunities become available, you can act fast.

Read on for more information on stock financing, how it works, and why a business loan from us can make for the perfect solution.

What is stock financing and can I use it to finance my inventory?

Inventory finance, also known as stock finance, is a form of asset-based lending that can help SMEs boost their cash flow. It enables you to raise finance by putting up your inventory as collateral, allowing you to purchase more items. This type of funding is useful for businesses that have to pay upfront for products that won't be sold until a later date, causing funds to be tied up in stock.

If you're a small business that manages inventory, there are many products available including inventory loans, merchant cash advances, and invoice finance. The most suitable option may depend on whether you’re a supplier or a retailer. As with any financial product, there are always benefits and downfalls to each so we’ve outlined a few below.

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Stock finance for suppliers

Many B2B suppliers turn to invoice financing to help complete stock purchases. However, you may have to prove that you have secured a large order from a reputable company to qualify for invoice finance. This could leave you in a tricky position if you want to take advantage of a time-sensitive situation, but luckily, we’re here to help.

In the UK, there are a number of lenders to choose from, but many come with hidden fees and penalties. You could end up paying significant additional costs with traditional inventory finance lenders, even if you only need the funds for a couple of months. That’s why we’ve designed our products to be flexible enough to cater for the needs of a business that requires stock, with payment terms ranging from 3 - 60 months.

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Stock finance for retailers

For B2C brands, financing retail stock consists of a short-term loan or revolving line of credit, which typically uses your current inventory as collateral. Other options include merchant cash advances, which allow you to borrow an upfront sum of money and repay the lender with a percentage of future sales. This is perfect for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations because the repayments are made in proportion to the sales and are not fixed.

However, these products can come with strict terms that may not suit your situation. If that’s the case, it makes sense to turn to a more flexible alternative. That’s where we come in.

Use Fleximize for your inventory financing

As our stock financing business loans can be used for practically any business purpose, they make for a flexible and speedy alternative to traditional stock financing. We offer unsecured and secured options with our Flexiloan and Flexiloan Lite to suit your business. Because we know you’ll want to move fast to secure your stock, we aim to deliver funds in as little as 24 hours from acceptance. Here's a summary of the key features of our inventory financing loans:

We've worked with thousands of SMEs to help them find the right inventory financing solution. Unlike traditional lenders, you don't need to prove you have a vast existing inventory or large outstanding invoices to apply for a loan with us.

We also look at more than your credit history, so there’s no need to be put off applying if yours is less than perfect. Even if you've not managed to secure finance from a high-street bank or specialist inventory lender, we could be able to support your growth.

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What can I use a business loan from Fleximize for?

Unlike inventory financing products, designed solely to purchase stock, an SME loan from us can offer the capital you need to invest in many areas of your business, like your product range. While you can use the funds to expand your product offering, your loan could also be used for:

How much does inventory finance cost?

The interest rates on our loan products start from just 0.9%, but you can use our business loans calculator to get an idea of your repayments. Under our Penalty-Free Promise, you can repay early to save on interest without incurring additional fees - because we don’t penalise you for growing fast. A member of our friendly team will ensure that you’re aware of your loan terms from the start, so there’ll be no nasty surprises.

The overall cost will depend on your unique situation, so we recommend being completely upfront with us from the start of your journey so we can get your application through quickly. To receive a tailored quote, speak to a member of our team on 020 7100 0110.

Our Flexiloan product is available to businesses trading for at least 12 months over a 12-48 month term.

Total Repayment Amount
Monthly Repayment

Our Penalty-Free Promise means you won’t be charged extra for repaying early.

Find out just how much you could save through early settlement by adjusting the month of repayment in this section.

Your Loan Quote Summary
Full Settlement At
Total Repayable at Agreed Term £58,460.08
Total Repayable if Repaid Early £56,122.84
Interest Saving £2,337.25

Our Flexiloan Lite product is available to businesses trading for at least 6 months over a 3-12 month term.

Total Repayment Amount
Monthly Repayment

Fleximize is committed to its penalty-free promise for customers repaying early.

Find out just how much you could save through early settlement by adjusting the month of repayment in this section.

Your Loan Quote Summary
Full Settlement At
Total Repayable at Agreed Term £33,472.16
Total Repayable if Repaid Early £32,476.26
Interest Saving £995.90

Check your eligibility for stock finance in the UK

Many stock financing providers follow a strict set of criteria, and will only approve your business for funding if they're confident in the profitability of your product lines. We've kept our funding services open to as many businesses as possible because we want to support you with your growth journey. But there are a few basic requirements you'll need to meet:

Why choose us as your stock financing provider?

We’ve provided hundreds of millions of pounds in funding to SMEs all over the UK to help them achieve their growth goals. Here are just a few reasons as to why thousands of businesses have chosen us as their provider of stock financing:

Apply for stock finance with Fleximize

Applying for a Fleximize loan is fast and straightforward. You could pop the kettle on and have our application form completed by the time it’s boiled - it’s really that simple.

Once we receive your application, a member of our team will be in touch and you’re almost there. If your business passes our initial checks, you’ll be guided through the final stages. The funds could be in your account on the same day, so what are you waiting for?

Our team is super friendly, so feel free to give us a call on 020 7100 0110 to learn more about how our solutions for inventory finance could benefit your SME.

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