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What is a Flexiloan?

A Flexiloan is our flexible loan option created to give your business access to affordable funding.

Our Flexiloan products have flexibility built in as standard, including top-ups and repayment holidays available after three successful loan repayments. You can also overpay or settle at any time without any penalty fees, with our Penalty-Free Promise. Read on to find out what options may be best suited to your business.

Which Flexiloan options are available?

Both Flexiloan options come complete with several excellent features designed to help you get the most out of your funding. Our Flexiloan is ideal for those requiring longer-term funding, provided they have been trading for 12 months or more. Features of the Flexiloan include:

Flexiloan Lite is suited for early-stage growth businesses looking to get started and requiring quick access to capital. Funding is available for up to one year, provided they have been trading for six months or more. Features of the Flexiloan Lite include:

Looking For Funding? Let's Talk.
Looking For Funding? Let's Talk.

If you want to know more about how we can support your business, give our friendly team a call and you'll get straight through to someone who can help, like Lauran. Or, if you're ready to apply, get started by clicking the button below.

How do I apply for a Flexiloan with Fleximize?

We understand that, as a business owner, time is precious. That's why we've made our application process as simple as possible, and you can apply online in less than five minutes.

Once your application has been submitted, we'll instantly notify you of the outcome of our initial checks. If successful, you'll be asked to upload some supporting documents - but nothing too demanding.

Once received, your application will be assigned to a dedicated relationship manager who will review the application and documents and aim to get back to you with a lending decision within 24 hours.

Once the loan is agreed upon, we’ll deposit your funds immediately – usually landing in your account on the same day.

How much does it cost to get a Flexiloan?

The pricing of our Flexiloan products is uncomplicated. There are no application or arrangement fees if you apply directly; you are simply charged a fixed monthly interest rate, agreed on the outset.

If you want to repay your loan early, we promise not to charge you any early repayment fees as part of our Penalty-Free Promise.

You can see an estimate of what your business loan could cost by using our business loan calculator. When you’re ready to get in touch, we can give you a tailored quote.

What documentation is required for a Flexiloan?

To underwrite your Flexiloan, we'll require some supporting documentation, including:

If the set-up of your business is complex, our team may request further documentation to ease the application process.

What security is required for a Flexiloan?

For all Flexiloan products, we'll require a personal guarantee from at least one director or shareholder of the business applying for the loan. For our secured loans, we will also require an equitable charge.

How does a Flexiloan differ from a bank loan?

Our Flexiloan options are designed to give you hassle-free funding and access to benefits that banks are unlikely to offer.

Our products are built to help businesses prosper, therefore flexibility is built in as standard. Our loans come with top-ups after three successful loan repayments and repayment holiday options if required. In addition, our Penalty-Free Promise means you only pay interest for the time you have a loan with us. Also, if you want to repay early with us, you’ll repay less overall.

We also understand that finance is just one step to success. Our Knowledge Hub and Member Marketplace offer support for your business, including quality resources, webinars, industry guides and exclusive discounts.


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How our Flexiloan has helped other businesses

Business growth can be a double-edged sword. Despite generating more sales and profit, expanding a business can bring several commercial headaches.

Ross Carlin, founder and managing director of The Good Food Group, became aware of these cash flow issues, particularly when battling lengthy payment terms and logistical problems with supply.

After listening to Ross's financial concerns, we offered an unsecured Flexiloan to bridge his cash flow gap, giving him access to funds that would support the growth of his business.

Why choose Fleximize?

As champions of business, we're here to support you with every step of your funding journey. Here are a few reasons why our customers enjoy our products and services:

  • Flexible: We're champions of small businesses and can tailor your funding to suit the needs of your business.
  • Trusted: We ensure our excellent standard of service and care is given to every business we work with.
  • Personal: Your dedicated relationship manager is always on hand to assist you with your funding needs, whether for your first application or subsequent funding.
  • Award-winning: Did you know that we've been named Best Business Finance Provider at the British Bank Awards twice?

  • Ready to apply?
    Simply fill out our application form online. If your business passes our initial checks, someone will get in touch to guide you through the following steps and ensure that your funding package is tailored to your needs.