Retail Matchmaker Finds Perfect Funding Partner

Ross Carlin of The Good Food Group secures client a headline spot at major UK retailer with the help of Fleximize's speedy funding solutions

Key Details

The business

- Consultancy service

- Traded 4 years

- Based in Mansfield

Reason for funding

Launch of new product line


- Flexiloan unsecured

- Fixed repayments

- £25,000 over 24 months


- Cash to cover stock order

- Savings with early repayment

Cash flow, or lack of, is one of the most common growing pains for new and seasoned business owners alike. Research suggests that poor cash flow causes over 80% of all small business closures, an issue that has only intensified since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aligning business expansion with financial stability is a balancing act that Ross Carlin, founder and managing director of The Good Food Group, knows too well.

Ross established The Good Food Group in 2018 to help undiscovered brands break into competitive markets while supplying big retailers with new and exciting product lines. With a wealth of previous experience in the global health and wellness space, Ross was committed to using his industry insight, resources, and network to propel businesses to greater heights.

Instant success story

The company’s services were an instant hit. From product development to sales strategy, Ross and his team quickly made a name for the flourishing agency as a valued retail partner by offering their wide-ranging expertise to buyers and sellers nationwide. Powered by word-of-mouth referrals, The Good Food Group has become official supplier to 12 major retailers, including Morrisons, Superdrug, and Selfridges.

In 2020, The Good Food Group launched The Buyer’s Discovery Club. This online matching platform connects retailers and brands based on category, price, margin, and other features. After proving the business model and catapulting a number of brands into high-profile stores, Ross’ venture was rapidly expanding.

The Good Food Group: Ross expanded into a subscription box service to ramp up brand exposure

The Good Food Group: Ross expanded into a subscription box service to ramp up brand exposure

Battling a cash flow crisis

Due to the nature of the retail industry, there are new challenges to growth and expansion every day for businesses like The Good Food Group and their clients. From lengthy payment terms resulting in cash flow gaps to logistical issues causing order delays, many developing businesses experience problems with liquidity. Not only does this preclude company heads from making the necessary investment in their business, but many also struggle to meet their day-to-day financial obligations.

Over the years, Ross has built a robust reputation with retail giants and his represented brands, helping him overcome many pitfalls. However, he recently found himself in a difficult position when his bank denied The Good Food Group a cash advance. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation for small businesses, particularly those within sectors that are considered a higher risk.

After months spent trying to get a factoring line in place with his high street bank, Ross was left without an answer to his impending cash flow problem and running short on time.

How Fleximize helped

Feeling out of options, Ross reached out to local finance broker, MAF Finance Group, to see if they could help him with an alternative solution. He informed them that he required the finance urgently and was immediately assigned his dedicated contact, Liam.

Within five days of the initial phone call, Fleximize provided the speedy funding package that Ross needed to bridge his cash flow gap. After receiving a loan offer of £25,000, he was able to access the funds without delay. The speed of the drawdown process meant Ross could deliver a new product line to a high street retailer in time, totalling yet another win for The Good Food Group and its client base.

Ross was delighted with how easy and straightforward his experience was from start to finish, and felt completely supported by his broker and Fleximize. After two months, he had enough capital to repay the loan amount in full. He only paid interest for the time he had the loan, as guaranteed by Fleximize’s Penalty-Free Promise, resulting in significant savings for his business.

We needed to fill a small void which we were able to pay off within two months, and we weren't penalised for paying back early. I would definitely recommend Fleximize to other businesses

Ross Carlin

At Fleximize, we love seeing our customers overcome barriers to their success. If you run a consultancy firm or any other small business, and you need to boost your cash cushion, drop us a call on 020 7100 0110. Or, if you're ready to apply, simply click the button below.