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NatWest Business Loans

Here's a quick look at whether a NatWest business loan is suitable for your SME

By The Fleximize Team

Bank loans are a viable way to improve cash flow, pay for refurbishments, or buy equipment without having to give away equity in your business to an investor. If NatWest is one of the banks that you're considering applying for a business loan with, here's a quick look at their business lending options.

NatWest Small Business Loans

Startups and established SMEs can apply for a small business loan with NatWest. Here are the key details:

NatWest Fixed Rate Loan

Here's a quick glance at NatWest's Fixed Rate Loan product:

NatWest Variable Rate Loan

NatWest's Variable Rate Loan takes advantage of market rates. Here's what to expect:

NatWest specialist business loans

Farmers can get a cash boost with NatWest’s agricultural loan to buy machinery or livestock, to develop land, open a farm shop, or set up as a renewable energy source. NatWest also has a range of specialist business loans for retail and wholesalers, healthcare companies, real estate businesses and many more.

Also, community-based businesses providing social care services have access to a range of loans with varying amounts and terms.

You can also consider NatWest's invoice financing or asset finance products.

NatWest business credit card

NatWest offers two business credit card options:

1. NatWest business credit card
For NatWest Business Banking customers with a turnover of up to £2 million:

2. NatWest business credit card plus
For NatWest Business Banking customers with a turnover of up to £2 million:

NatWest business overdraft

NatWest's business overdraft is available to NatWest customers for up to 12 months. Here are the key points to bear in mind:

The rate you pay depends on your overdraft amount: startups with a turnover of under £2 million can enjoy a £500 business bufferzone overdraft which is free for the first 12 months. Businesses with a turnover of over £2 million will pay an arrangement fee of £50 if they apply for a limit of up to £500. Larger limits have varying fees and interest rates.

Alternatives to NatWest business finance

Although there are several viable business banking options with NatWest, the application process for most traditional banks is usually pretty long-winded, which could impact your SME’s growth if you need the money quickly. If you can't afford to wait, it's worth considering applying for a loan with an alternative finance provider.

The big banks also have a reputation for their tough stance on small business lending, which can be off-putting for many new and growing SMEs. Banks still lend to entrepreneurs, but there’s now a blossoming market of alternative finance (altfi) providers, offering loans on more flexible and convenient terms.

One of these providers is Fleximize, who are set up to help SMEs thrive through easy-to-access financing. The lender offers busy business owners a quick and easy application process, and a personalized service all the way from loan application right through to the last repayment.

If you want more information about how a Fleximize business loan could benefit your SME, you can call the Fleximize team on 020 7100 0110 to discuss your options. Or, if you're ready to apply for a Fleximize small business loan, you can do so by clicking the button below.

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