Secured Loan is Just the Ticket for Smy IT Services

IT support company turns to Fleximize for flexible funding to expand operations

Last year, IT entrepreneur Jonathan Smy was approved for a secured loan from Fleximize to move his small business to bigger premises. We caught up with him to see how his small business loan has helped his business grow.

Whatever industry you’re in, information technology is likely to be a vital cog in the running of any business, from the handling and distribution of stock, to marketing, sales and communication with customers. And with technology playing an increasingly important role in everyday lives, many businesses that understand and utilize it fully are enjoying huge growth.

However, with technology requirements often as unique as the business itself, entrepreneurs often struggle to find IT solutions that align perfectly with the way they run their business.

Ipswich-based IT consultancy, Smy IT Services, is tackling this problem head on. Using its experience and ability to understand unique business infrastructures, the company is not only helping local entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently, but it is also helping them use technology to grow.

Founder Jonathan Smy first decided to go it alone after working for an IT services consultancy for years. He could see where the business could improve efficiency and become more customer-focused, but was unable to make the changes himself as it was not his business.

Service with a Smyle
Service with a Smyle :

Secured business funding from Fleximize meant Jonathan could focus on his clients and not have to worry about funding

Equipped with the right skills and knowledge, Smy set about building his own business, out of his home back in 2014. It soon became apparent that there was high demand for his services and has since taken on an extra pair of hands to support the demand. To take it to the next level and ensure he establishes Smy IT Services as one of the foremost IT services providers in Suffolk, Smy saw an opportunity to expand and grow by moving to new premises. Needing a quick decision to enable him to purchase his ideal premises, the Fleximize team set about coming up with a tailored funding package that suited the needs of Jonathan’s business.

A secured loan offer

As an Ipswich-based company ourselves, we invited Jonathan to Fleximize HQ, where our team of underwriters sat down with him to go through his requirements. Like him, we understood that no two problems are the same, and that his business might be completely different to another IT business. Using their experience and ability to understand the intricacies of running a business, the team came up with a bespoke solution that would enable the company to continue to grow at its own pace. Within a matter of hours, Jonathan had a business loan offer on the table.

From the get go, I was really impressed. Fleximize took the time to understand my business and where it was heading, they were surprisingly quick, and I was regularly updated on the progress of my application. The money was in our account within a couple of days.

Jonathan Smy

With the money deposited so quickly, Jonathan has been able to start enacting the growth plans for his business straightaway. Development of the new premises is going well, despite the predictably unpredictable English weather, and Jonathan says he can now “focus on running the business and helping customers”, without having to worry about the financing of the new office.

As it was the first time that Jonathan had applied for a small business loan, there was a degree of trepidation about the process. In hindsight, however, Jonathan told us that he found the process quite simple, and that his relationship manager was really helpful throughout.

We’re looking forward to seeing where Jonathan takes Smy IT Services from here.

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