Fleximize Clears the Path for Outdoor Retailer to Grow (Video)

Montagne Sports needed a funding partner to give them the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities, so turned to Fleximize for help


Key Details

The business

Trading for: 10 years

Sector: Outdoor Supplies

Location: Newbury, Berkshire & Online

Reason for funding

Stock purchase & Cashflow Flexibility


- Unsecured business loan

- Fixed repayments

- £20,000 over 15 months


- Able to expand product offering

- Purchased discount stock in bulk

According to research published by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), 37% of small businesses run into cash flow difficulties. It seems that managing cash flow as a small business owner has never been trickier, with 20% stating that cash flow problems have caused a slowdown in profit growth, and 30% even being forced into using an overdraft to mitigate for late payments. Proper management of your cash flow doesn’t just keep your business in a healthy financial position – it also enables you to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. Say, for example, one of your suppliers is having a stock turnaround and needs to shift a large quantity of a particular product quickly, and therefore is offering it at a heavily discounted rate. Having a good handle on your cash flow and having a business lender that you can turn to for a quick working capital injection can enable you to take advantage of that opportunity where your competitors may not.

Alan Barrie, owner of Newbury-based Montagne Sports, has used Fleximize on a number of occasions to take advantage of such opportunities when they arise. Montagne Sports is an independent retailer specialising in outdoor clothing and accessories. Based out of a shop on Newbury high street, they can also be found through their Shopify store, opening up their expansive product range to a global audience. But while market domination is the ultimate goal for many online retailers, Alan’s focus is very clear – it’s all about community.

In an age of huge retailers offering more in the way of choice than customer service, companies that put an emphasis on a personal shopping experience, knowledgeable staff and honest advice are reaping rewards, and Montagne Sports is no different. As soon as you step foot in the door, you’re met with a beaming smile and a friendly chat from one of the team. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get into the great outdoors, or a seasoned adventurer looking for a new piece of kit, you’ll find what you want from Alan and his team. The focus really is on providing customers with the equipment that’s right for them.

Finding Funding

Alan first came across Fleximize in 2016 having been let down by his bank. His rapidly-growing company needed funding to make a number of improvements to the business - new premises, a place to store stock, equipment, and the many costs that come with refurbishing a retail unit. Fleximize provided the funding quickly, allowing him to get on with his ambitious plans for his business. Alan has since returned to Fleximize twice looking for quick injections of capital to allow him to take advantage of last-minute opportunities. Most recently, in 2018, he found that one of his suppliers was looking to shift some stock and was offering a large quantity for a significantly discounted rate. Spotting the opportunity to offer his customers something new, and improve his profit margins, the company borrowed £20,000 to take to the supplier. With the capital at his disposal, Alan was able to secure the stock at an even more discounted rate.

At Fleximize, we get how important cash flow is to a growing SME - after all, we’re one ourselves. Whether you’re experiencing problems with your cash flow caused by late payments, or you’re looking to take advantage of an opportunity like Alan, we’d love to help. Click the button below to get started, or drop us a call on 020 7100 0110, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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