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Goodbye Honda, Hello Taxes & Welcome Parents

Honda’s Swindon closure. A potential retailer penny tax. The coworking space for parents.

By The Fleximize Team

In this month's edition of Business Bookmarks, we explore the Honda Swindon closure, a retailer penny tax to encourage sustainability, and the London coworking space providing onsite childcare.

To Inform

Honda confirms closure of Swindon branch

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that Honda would be closing its Swindon manufacturing branch by 2021. This will impact over 3,500 jobs directly, along with many more throughout the wider supply chain. With Japan being the seventh biggest investor in the UK, Wired investigates if Honda's departure will cause a ‘shift in sentiment’ amongst international businesses currently manufacturing within the UK, as their access to the European single market hangs in the balance. (Via Wired)
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The potential sustainability tax on UK clothing retailers

UK clothing producers and retailers have been following the news of potential policies being put in place that could result in a UK sustainability tax. This is an attempt to make clothing retailers and producers consider the wider impact of fast fashion on the environment, in the wake of Sky News reports that circa £140 million worth of clothes end up in UK landfills each year. The changes could raise around £35 million which could be put towards facilitating the collection and recycling of these garments. There are many UK SMEs who have set up successful businesses around the very concept of sustainability, so if you’re in the retail business, it’s well worth keeping an eye on how this progresses. (Via Real Business)
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To Inspire

Three Michelin Stars for Dominique Crenn

The Guardian speaks to Dominique Crenn, the first woman in the USA to be awarded three Michelin stars for her restaurant, Atelier Crenn, where the walls are decorated with her father's paintings and the grand tasting menu is written as a poem. In this candid interview, Crenn talks openly about her experience as a female chef, how she moved through the ranks despite any formal study of cooking, and how she continues to ensure her business promotes equality and diversity. This is an inspiring look at how to build, run and grow an empire with integrity. (Via The Guardian)
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The coworking space with a difference

Every parent who juggles childcare with a full-time job knows how challenging maintaining a healthy balance can be. Cuckooz Nest, a Farringdon-based coworking space, has met this problem with an innovative solution: onsite childcare. Co-founder Charlie Rosier explains how she thought up the idea as a solution to help women stay in work, to combat extortionate childcare costs, and as a response to the needs of those in the ever-growing gig economy. Although this concept is amongst one of the first within the UK, providing onsite childcare has been a success in many Scandinavian countries, where productivity reportedly thrives thanks to a forward-thinking approach. (Via Wired)
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Working Parents
Working Parents:

Cuckooz Nest provides a viable alternative to expensive childcare costs.

To Consider

Could a flat structure work for your business?

When employing more members of staff, business owners must choose between setting up a traditional hierarchy or taking a more modern approach to management structures. This article explores the pros and cons of flat-structured businesses, along with how to implement a flat structure successfully. If you’re considering a reshuffle of your management structure, this article will provide you with insight into how to weigh up what’s best for your company. (Via The Knowledge Hub)
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To Action

Why you should mentor

Although a growing number of small business owners are looking for guidance, there is a shortage of mentors available to help them. As such, Ed Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder of PushFar, explores five reasons why every entrepreneur or business owner should consider becoming a mentor. Johnson also brings attention to the perks of mentoring, such as supporting upcoming talent, how much mentors can learn from the process and how it can benefit their own business. (Via The Knowledge Hub)
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How to stop procrastinating

Admin can seem like a chore when you want to focus on completing meatier tasks. Fast Company breaks down the wisdom of Elizabeth Emens, author and law professor, by dividing up people into categories based on how they approach those admin tasks that are essential but tedious. From the 'super doer' to the 'admin denier', the article explores tips and tricks to help you break bad habits and get that admin ball rolling. (Via Fast Company)
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