Peter Tuvey Talks Balancing Business with Parenthood

In an article for Real Business, Fleximize co-founder Peter Tuvey revealed how he juggles the demands of entrepreneurship and fatherhood

7th March 2018

In an article for Real Business, the website for SMEs, high-growth businesses and entrepreneurs, Fleximize’s co-founder and managing director Peter Tuvey discussed the challenges of balancing parenthood with running a business.

As a father of five, Peter has first-hand experience of juggling the demands of business ownership with the responsibility of being a parent. In the article, he shares five brutal truths about managing these “two labours of love”, explaining that business owners should be prepared to let people down, whether it’s their children or potential investors. 

“Raising children and growing a business are both about creating something you’re proud of, so spreading yourself a bit thin at times and dropping the ball occasionally is necessary to getting the best of both worlds,” says Peter. “When your children are old enough, they will understand this, and at the office, your staff – if you keep them close – will know how important your kids are to you. People do understand.”

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