Entrepreneurship at Christmas

What smart businesses are doing to make festivities fuss-free for everyone

24th November 2015

The UK’s SMEs contribute to our economy all year round – in fact they're responsible for a combined turnover of £1.8 trillion. But each December many stoke their rockets with extra fuel to launch themselves into the Christmas season.

Commitment to Christmas

Bakers, Christmas tree sellers, restaurants and online retailers ramp up their services to make the season more enjoyable and stress-free for the public and other businesses. Their commitment to keeping people happy, when they're otherwise occupied with untangling last year’s tinsel and such like, is impressive. Especially considering SMEs work on fewer resources than the bigger competitors, yet are often in competition with them.

Of course, most businesses are driven by making a profit during this peak period, but if they don’t deliver a quality service, their Christmas could end up being a bit of a turkey. Long hours and hard graft are unavoidable.

Acknowledging small business

To acknowledge the work and innovation of some smaller businesses, Fleximize has given a few the recognition they deserve as they leap feet first into Christmas.

We spoke to DDM Mailing – a family business that's giving people cheaper Christmas postage prices. We've also looked at mobile payment app, Droplet, which is a real gift to independent retailers around the UK this December. And we discovered a new online gift store, Impossibletobuyfor.com, which is run by a young British entrepreneur and 'digital nomad' who's currently living the good life in Thailand.