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Transportation Business Loans

Secure the flexible funding your haulage and logistics business needs with flexible transport finance from Fleximize

Haulage is the lifeblood of the nation, helping to get food onto supermarket shelves, transport goods across borders, and keeping the country moving. Recently, however, the haulage and logistics industry hasn’t had an easy time of it.

If you’re a haulage and logistics business owner, it’s vital to secure the right funding to help you through difficult times. If you need a transport business loan – whether to train new drivers, deal with tariffs, get transport equipment finance or anything else – Fleximize’s alternative business funding could be just what you need.

The challenges facing haulage and logistics businesses

Over the past couple of years, haulage and logistics firms have faced many challenges related to Brexit and the lorry driver shortage in the UK. The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has reported over the years that the UK industry has hit points of crisis, with a shortfall of 100,000 drivers at its lowest. Add in the extra border confusion for EU/UK drivers crossing the English Channel, and it's clear how problems have intensified for the logistics industry.

Lengthy delays and strict lending criteria have forced many haulage and logistics businesses to search for alternative funding avenues for transport finance. At Fleximize, we offer precisely that – quick, flexible, and affordable funding that’s designed to meet your business challenges.

Transport finance from Fleximize

Fleximize’s speedy and flexible approach to providing transport finance and logistics business loans has helped many haulage business owners. For more information about Fleximize's loan products, you can check out the services page for details about the unsecured and secured funding options available. All funding solutions come with the following flexible features as standard:

We know how hard it can be for SMEs in logistics and haulage to secure transport finance on terms that work for them. That's why we look at much more than just your company credit history – we want to say “yes” to as many applications as possible. If you’re approved, you could receive your funding within a day.

Apply for transport finance

What can Fleximize transport loans be used for?

Your transport finance can be used to support various aspects of your haulage and logistics business, such as:

  • Recruiting employees
  • General business growth
  • Purchasing equipment/stock
  • Business marketing
  • Paying unforeseen bills
  • Cash flow finance

  • Acquiring/expanding premises
  • Digital/online
  • Renovation or refurbishment
  • VAT and tax

  • Check your company’s eligibility for a transportation business loan

    We aim to say “yes” to as many business loan applications as possible. Even if you’re worried about your current company credit rating, rest assured – we consider many factors when reviewing your funding application.

    How much does a transportation business loan cost?

    Fleximize funding has been designed and developed with your business needs in mind. There are no hidden fees, and our Penalty-Free Promise lets you repay early, whenever you want, and reduce the amount of interest owed. Plus, the interest rates on our transport and haulage loans start from just 0.9% per month.

    The transport finance you receive will be unique to your business in its specific details. However, you can use our business loan calculator for an estimated cost of your loan. Alternatively, you can always reach us on 020 7100 0110, and we can build a quote for you.

    Why choose Fleximize for transportation business loans?

    Fleximize has helped thousands of businesses to secure millions of pounds worth of funding, offering vital support at the right time. Here’s what you can expect when applying for a logistics business loan with Fleximize:

    Apply for a transport loan today

    Applying for a loan couldn't be simpler with Fleximize. If you're looking to secure a loan for your transportation business, all you need to do is:

    1. Apply online in minutes
    2. Get a decision in 24 hours
    3. See your funds soon after

    You'll be instantly notified if you've passed the initial checks, at which point a member of the Fleximize team will be in touch to guide you through the final stages. When we have everything we need, you could have your transport loan the very same day.

    For more information about our logistics business loans, explore Fleximize's FAQs or customer case studies to learn more.