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A business loan from Fleximize is the ideal agricultural finance solution

Agriculture is one of the UK’s oldest and most important industries, contributing an average of £2.5 billion in GDP from 1990 to 2017. British farming also has a strong reputation overseas, with pork, beef and vegetables currently among the UK’s top ten food and drink exports.

However, life is far from easy for UK farmers. Not only can the unpredictable British weather cause havoc with their crops, leading to damaging revenue losses, but they also have to keep up with rapid technological change, while managing the impact of an uncertain political climate. And, with most farmers working from dawn until dusk, 365 days a year, it’s hard to name many tougher professions. 

Funding for farmers

Having access to specialist agriculture loans can ease many of the challenges faced by British farmers. With revenues liable to fluctuation and late payments an all-too-common occurrence, it’s important that agricultural businesses have an easy route to flexible funding that can protect their cash flow and give them room for growth.

Beyond the banks, there are plenty of specialist finance providers that can get farmers the funds they need in a matter of days, tailoring their finance to suit the unique circumstances of every business. Rather than viewing cash flow problems as a reason not to lend, alternative lenders take a closer look at the root causes, with a view to offering affordable solutions.

Farm finance from Fleximize

Fleximize has supported hundreds of businesses in the farming industry. From helping a dairy farm purchase more livestock to funding the revamp of a barley farm’s yard, our flexible finance has made a difference to the lives of farmers in all parts of the UK.

All our loans come packed with a range of flexible features, including top-ups and repayment holidays. The key details of our business loans are as follows:

We don’t apply the strict lending criteria of banks and always look for a way to say “yes” wherever possible. If your business has been trading for a minimum of six months and passes our basic credit checks, we’ll happily consider it for funding. You can apply now by clicking the button below or read on to find out more about our farm finance.  


Borrow for any purpose

In order to keep up with demand, farms have to stay well stocked and equipped all year round. The introduction of new livestock or crops can also necessitate the purchase of new machinery, buildings and land. Our funding can be used for numerous purposes including, but limited to, the following:

  • Livestock Purchase
  • Animal Feed
  • Fertiliser and pesticides
  • Machinery upgrades & repairs
  • Land purchase
  • Building refurbishments
  • Crop storage
  • Vehicle lease or purchase
  • Grain and feed stores
  • Chicken sheds & cattle housing

  • Ready to apply?

    Applying for a Fleximize loan is a breeze – fill out our simple application form to get started. If you pass our initial checks, a member of the team will be in touch to take you through the final steps.

    If you’d like more information about our funding solutions before applying, please check our FAQs or give us a call and speak to one of our experienced relationship managers.