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Budget vs Actual Variance Analysis Template

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What is a Budget vs Actual Variance Analysis Template?

Managing budget vs actual spending is a key element of running a business. With revenue, costs and operating expenses, monitoring spending against budget helps forecast performance against your business goals.

The purpose of the variance analysis template is to measure actual spend against the budget you set. It shows how your finances compare to your predicted figures and provides an easy way to understand business expenditures. With an overall performance indicator for the year, the budget vs actual template provides you with complete control over your finances. Based on your figures, the analysis is in British pounds and includes a variance percentage.

It will provide valuable insights about your business to help you plan more precisely. It will enable you to establish what product lines or services performed positively/negatively, which expenses were higher/lower and what variances could affect business performance. For example: If you spent x on advertising but your actual spend was twice this, what was the impact on your business? The budget vs actual variance template will show how your finances compare to your predicted figures and make measuring business performance easier.

Use this template to include:

What will the benefits be if you complete this analysis?

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