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Top 20 Business Blogs 2020

We’ve curated a list of the best blogs in 2020 for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to keep on top of the latest business news, best practice and emerging industry trends

By The Fleximize Team

Business blogs are a great resource for any entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful venture. If you're looking for a carefully curated list of the top business blogs, news platforms, thought-leadership pieces and industry-specific online resources to bookmark in 2020, this one's for you.


The Informi blog is a fantastic resource for topical articles and industry updates for small business owners. In particular, articles are separated into ‘starting a business’ and ‘running a business’ sections which means there is something for every entrepreneur, no matter the size, age or nature of your business.

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The Guardian

The Guardian’s business blog is a must for all UK business owners who want to stay on top of breaking news and stories that impact the UK economy. The daily blog is home to live news coverage in global financial markets, the economy and major corporate moves. It's well worth checking in on daily headlines and opinion pieces whilst enjoying your morning cuppa.

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Wired publishes daily articles in response to topical issues across the world that may impact business owners. In particular, the ‘business’ section provides plenty of advice-led pieces as well as commentary on the latest from the business world.

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Switch The Future

If you're a woman in business or interested in diversity in tech, Women 2.0 is definitely one to bookmark. Along with articles and interviews with successful female writers and entrepreneurs, Women 2.0 also publishes high-quality content that's focused around helping businesses create diverse and inclusive environments that support the advancement of women and other under-represented groups.

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It's Nice That

It's Nice That is a hub of thought-provoking articles and thought-leadership for creatives. It's part of The HudsonBec Group - which is an independently-owned group of companies working together to enable creativity to thrive. Along with news and opinion pieces, you can also expect an innovative collection of 'features' including profiles and Q&As with some of the world's most sought-after designers and artists.

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Simply Business

Simply Business provides two helpful offerings in the way of online content: their Knowledge Centre and their Tech Blog. The former hosts insightful guides on being self-employed or managing a small business. Their Tech Blog includes thought-leadership pieces on tech and innovation straight from their tech team. To top it all off, Simply Business is also a Certified B Corp, so it's worth checking in on their latest blog posts if you're also interested in putting purpose over profit.

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B The Change

Speaking of B Corps, B The Change is a great website for business owners who are interested in making a positive impact on the world. The main purpose of this site is to inform and inspire business leaders who want to use their company as a force for good. Specifically, the site features compelling stories, practical advice and case studies on how businesses are making a positive change. Expect articles on climate change, equality, sustainability and more.

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The Crunch team are experts in online accounting and UK tax law. Their blog includes business guides and articles written by the experts, featuring a range of topics from UK tax law, being self-employed, managing a limited company, IR35, and much more. There are also articles on aspects such as managing your personal finances and productivity.

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Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute's blog features a comprehensive list of guides and articles on how to master content marketing, SEO, ROI and design. If you're managing these aspects of your business in-house, this blog is a must. It's also founded by Joe Pulizzi, the leading voice of content marketing.

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Real Business

Real Business' tag line is 'telling the truth about SME life today' and it certainly lives up to that claim by relaying genuine experiences of SME owners, complemented with actionable insight and inspiration. The site provides a collection of high profile interviews, insight, news and industry benchmark reports, along with advice for micro businesses.

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It's no surprise that the Shopify blog has fast become the go-to resource for businesses looking for ecommerce advice and guidance; Shopify itself now powers over 1 million businesses and it's safe to say that the team are experts on supporting budding entrepreneurs with starting, running and growing their own business. Article categories range from how to get started with your business ideas to growing sales.

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Richard Branson

Virgin Founder Sir Richard Branson's blog is a bit of a cult classic with business owners, and for good reason. His blog includes his thoughts on current affairs and topical issues, but also features more personal pieces, along with many articles and guides to help fellow business owners thrive.

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Sage Advice

Sage Advice is a fantastic website for all UK business owners, as articles include evergreen guides such as elevating payroll performance and making your business more sustainable to topical guides such as preparing for the upcoming IR35 changes and preparing your business for Brexit.

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Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a very well-known name in the SEO world, and for good reason – he’s a digital marketing expert, New York Times Bestselling Author and entrepreneur who is well worth following. His blog is home to everything you need to know about doing digital marketing right, from staying on top of Google’s algorithm updates to content marketing and social media hacks. Along with step-by-step guides and articles, his blog also hosts content in the form of podcasts and videos.

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Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is another excellent resource for those who want to keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO. From how-to guides to insights and updates, the blog features regular contributions from experts in digital marketing and SEO.

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Startups is the UK's leading independent online resource for anyone starting and growing a business in the UK. Articles cover the many aspects of starting, buying, running or selling a business. Expect information on how to grow your business ideas, commentary on topical issues impacting the sector, and inspiration. If you're looking for a great small business blog for startups, this one's worth bookmarking.

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Growth Business

Growth Business amalgamates all the latest news and updates that impact fast-growth businesses in the UK. You'll find articles and business news reports on topics such as entrepreneurs' tax relief to the growth and advances of the UK tech sector. The platform also includes candid interviews with aspirational business leaders, covering successes and obstacles they've overcome.

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Unbounce is a landing page platform, so it's no surprise that their business blog includes topics across SEO, content marketing and CRO. It's another great one to bookmark if you manage your business' marketing and SEO campaigns in-house, as the blog is home to detailed marketing guides and conversion resources.

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The Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is an invaluable resource for small business owners in the UK, with over 800 articles covering everything you could need to know about running a UK SME. Categories range from accounting and funding to legal and marketing. Along with more general articles on how to manage your business, there are also several niche and industry-specific guides for those in the construction, hospitality and tech sectors, amongst more. Many of the articles are written by industry experts and successful business owners across the UK, such as Nuffield Health and Xero.

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Along with regularly reading business blogs, many business owners also find that podcasts and YouTube channels are a great resource to refer to when inspiration dries up. Take a look at our recent guides to the best podcasts and YouTube channels for business owners in 2020 if you want to browse our favourites.