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Space, Fake Co-Founders & the Future of Amazon

Why space is big business. Sexism in the tech sector. What an Amazon-run home could look like.

By Jessie Leong

Once again, we’ve scoured the internet for the best reads, guides, and tools so you don’t have to. This week’s edition of Business Bookmarks looks at what the future would look like if it were run by Amazon, the beauty of anonymity, and the tool that makes organising a meeting simple again.

Short Reads

Why insurance is crucial to your business

Business insurance might not be the most exciting part about being a business owner, but it’s still an important one. Insurance policies can be confusing to understand, which is why using an insurance broker might be your best bet. Chris Marsh talks through your options, what to consider when taking out insurance, and the consequences of not having it. (Via The Knowledge Hub)

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Long Reads

Why space travel could be a trillion-dollar industry

From Richard Branson to Elon Musk, the world isn’t short of entrepreneurs looking to exploit the vast riches that outer space has to offer. And with the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s “one giant leap for mankind” fast approaching, the latest space race is really starting to heat up. It even has the potential to create the world’s first ever trillionaire, says Ashwin Bhardwaj. (Via City A.M.)

Lift Off

A future run by Amazon

With Amazon acquiring Whole Foods earlier this year, consumers and business commentators have been speculating how Jeff Bezos et al will be shaping the digital space for the foreseeable – and distant – future. In this tongue-in-cheek article, the team at Fast Company imagine a world where our everyday tasks are run by Amazon. (Via Fast Company)

Fast Forward

To Action

Protect your online identity

Thanks to social media, more aspects of our everyday lives are shared online than ever before. But, have you ever thought about the security of your online identity and how much you’re divulging on the web? Holly Brockwell outlines some of the best ways to safeguard your information online. (Via The Guardian)

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Marketing tactics you can implement today

Successful marketing doesn’t have to mean spending big bucks. From creating a community via a Facebook group to guest blogging on sites that share a similar audience to you, Neil Patel’s guide helps small businesses win big. No matter what your business type or how long you’ve been trading, chances are there’s something new on this list for you to try next week. (Via Neil Patel)

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Budget Brand-Building
Budget Brand-Building:

Online marketing doesn't need to cost the earth to be successful

To Watch

The power of vulnerability

Most of us keep our vulnerabilities to ourselves – it’s human nature, after all. However, Dr Brené Brown believes embracing our own vulnerability can provide power for our interaction with others, and transform the way we lead our lives. Brown’s talk of her experiences is one of the most popular Ted talks of all time. (Via Ted)

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To Visit

A tale of two cities

Bisected by the Danube River, Budapest is an amalgamation of two former cities – the hilly and picturesque Buda and the vibrant Pest. Regardless of your personal preference, both sides of the city boast must-see attractions and sights. Explore the beautiful architecture of St Stephen’s Basilica, walk around Memento Park and dip your toes in its famous thermal baths, or enjoy some of Budapest’s best views from the Danube Promenade. (Via The Travel Hack)

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Explore Budapest
Explore Budapest:

Discover the beautiful architecture and views of the Hungarian capital

To Use

The future of scheduling meetings

“I have a conference call at 10. How about we meet at 1pm?” Sound familiar? Calendly removes the tedious process of back-and-forth emails to provide a seamless way for your clients, team members, and employees to schedule a meeting with you. With Calendly, you can cap the number of meetings each day and have full control of your own availability so meetings don’t take over your day. (Via Calendly)

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To Stream

What would you say to the world if you knew you were anonymous?

Hosted by comedian Chris Gethard, each episode of Beautiful Stories from Beautiful People focuses on a phone call from an anonymous stranger. For one hour, the caller is given free rein to discuss whatever they want. From thought-provoking discussions to shocking revelations and family secrets, you can expect surprises aplenty with every episode of this podcast . (Via iTunes)

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