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Top Tips for Christmas Email Marketing

The pressure is on to get ROI on Christmas email marketing campaigns – use our tips to get results!

By David Kiriakidis

Christmas is a pretty stressful time for lots of businesses. But it’s because everyone's so busy that your marketing needs to sharpen up to cut through the festive mayhem. VentureBeat recently reported that email campaigns yield the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels, but it's difficult get right. And the hectic month of December brings added pressure to get a return.

This is why your content needs to be helpful, not salesy. Give your recipients an incentive to engage with you by creating valuable, relevant content. Our festive-inspired infographic has more tips that'll make your Christmas and New Year email marketing reap results.

10 xmas email marketing tips

Tip 1: A/B split testing

How do you know what customers respond to? What content works better than others? A/B split testing is the most trusted method of optimizing email content so it works better for your audience. It involves sending different content to a test portion of your list and identifying the best-performing email. Check out more A/B split testing tips here...

A/B test your campaigns

Tip 2: Social Media

If you've got a healthy following on social media but it's not integrated into your email marketing, you could be losing out. Linking both channels can boost your online impact – especially if customers are using social media more often during the festive period.

Using Social Media

Tip 3: Avoiding spam filters

Christmas email marketing campaigns can be blocked by spam filters on high alert over the festive period, when promotions hit a peak. But these tactics will help give your emails the best chance of getting through.

Avoid Spam

Tip 4: Email marketing campaign metrics

How do you measure the effectiveness of an email campaign? An email could have a lots of opens and click-throughs, but if you're not including the most relevant link to your site, your conversions will be affected. Here are tips on which metrics to use when measuring success.

Use the right metrics

Tip 5: Email personalization

An adage says "people buy from people". Although email marketing isn't face to face, you can personalize content to appeal to this human instinct and to be more conversion-friendly...


Tip 6: Future-proof email

It's difficult for busy business owners to keep up with technology changes, but it's crucial to 'future-proof' your email marketing so the content still reaches people despite changes to devices and software.

Future-proof your templates

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