A Positive Workplace is a Great Motivator

A Positive Workplace is a Great Motivator

Boosting staff motivation comes down to key factors - read on...

By Marcia Smith

First, as the owner, it’s important to realize that it will be difficult to get employed staff as motivated about the success of your company as you are. Also, motivation requires a combination of strong management, good recruitment, a well-defined role and an employee’s own self-motivation.

Getting managers to be motivators is likely to be a more reliable and cost-effective approach than firing unmotivated staff and replacing them.

There are a number of key ways that you can increase the motivation and productivity of your employees. These strategies centre around creating a pleasant, positive workplace and ensuring that staff feel happy and valued in their roles.


The motivational effects of good communication cannot be overestimated. Talk to staff, get to know them and put them at ease. Make sure they feel free to share any concerns or worries with their managers, so they don’t get bottled up. Listen and respond to their ideas, and make them feel that they’re a valued member of the team.


It’s essential to reward good performance. This not only makes the employee feel good, it motivates them and their colleagues to stretch themselves. Rewards can be bonuses or gifts, but they can also be as simple as saying thank you.

Career progression

Make sure every role is as clearly defined as possible, and ensure that employees know what they’ll have to do to secure a bonus or promotion. Uncertainty about a role or an employee’s future prospects can be very damaging to motivation. Once an employee has attained what is needed for a bonus/promotion, make sure that it is granted, unless there is very good reason not to.


Make an effort to create a pleasant working environment. Simple things like pictures, plants and natural lighting can help to improve motivation by alleviating stress. Complimentary tea, coffee and snacks can go a remarkably long way to making employees feel welcome in the work area.

While it’s reasonable to assume that employees should be motivated to do the job they applied for, a bad working environment can kill the motivation of even the keenest staff. Ultimately, an employer’s goal is for their business to operate efficiently and successfully, and so they need to take the lead in creating the right conditions for employee motivation.


Include employees in the decision-making processes of your business as much as you can, and keep them informed of company performance, quarterly results and new product developments. A sense of involvement and inclusion is a good boost to motivation.