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How to Find and Apply for a Government Grant

A bit of help on your hunt for government funding for SMEs.

By Marcia Smith

The best place to start your search is the GOV.UK finance support finder. Here you’ll not only find a long list of government funding opportunities, including grants, but you can easily use the filters to narrow your search, such as by business activity or stage. Once you’ve found a grant you’re interested in, the GOV.UK site gives you a snapshot of the grant’s eligibility and evaluation criteria, as well as a link to the grant’s website so you can apply.

While there’s no single system for applying for a government grant, a comprehensive business plan is integral. To apply for a grant you need to clearly convey:

Sites like Business is Great Britain have lots of helpful advice on finance planning and finding funding, as well as putting together a business plan. You can also call the Business Support Helpline to get free advice on which financial options are most applicable to your business and to get their advice on applying.

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