Some New Year's Eve Goodies for Business Owners - Fleximize

New Year, New Resolutions and New Resources!

Regretting that 24 month pre-paid gym contract yet?

By Michael Bridgman

So, it’s another new year. How's that juice diet working out for you? Have your mornings become caffeinated again?

It’s difficult to keep to new year’s resolutions and we reckon – if you’re at all like us – you’ve probably made enough promises to sink a ship. So we’re not going to make your life more difficult by giving you more things you have to so this year.

Instead, we’ve used the holiday period to pick out a few resources for you. These books and blogs, old and new, have helped us to grow and build our business, and will hopefully help you, too. They sound like they’re written for funky new startups trying to cook popcorn with an iPod, but they’re not. They are practical manuals for anyone running their own business.

New year's resolutions
New year's resolutions: We feel your pain.

First, here are a couple of books on using your customers to grow your business – not necessarily in the way you think. They’re pretty canonical.

Tomorrow is the first page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. Brad Paisley

That’s probably enough for you to digest for now. So have a look at the above, maybe read the Sparknotes version or Wikipedia summary to see if it interests you. In two weeks' time we’ll move on to even bigger and better things: analytics. We’ve found a few sources that turn the nebula of digital analytics into a much easier to read and implement version. We promise…