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A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of information that is stored on the browser of your computer’s hard drive. Most websites use cookies to improve the way the website works and to provide information to website operators about the use of the website.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to allow you to use and navigate our site, to collect information about how visitors use our site and to enable us to improve the site. Most web browsers allow you to manage and block the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. If you choose not to accept cookies on our site this may affect the quality of your visit to our site.

For more information on cookies (including how to switch them off), please visit the All About Cookies website. To see which cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please use our cookie consent tool or cookie settings.

Below is a detailed list of the cookies we use on our website. Our website is scanned with our cookie scanning tool regularly to maintain a list that is as accurate as possible. We classify cookies in the following categories:

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