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Shopify Launches Build a Business VI Contest

New e-commerce businesses are invited to enter competition to win VIP mentoring

4th January 2016

By Elma Glasgow

Shopify contest

Billed as the “entrepreneurial experience of a lifetime”, the Shopify and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) contest is looking for new, exciting online shops.

Open to entrepreneurs from the UK as well as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain and Canada, the Build a Business VI competition registration closes on 31 March 2016.

Highest seller wins

To enter, business owners need to set up a new e-commerce business using the Shopify platform – no prior experience is needed – and start selling. The winners will be judged based on the highest gross sales in the most successful 2 months up until May 2015. Those months don’t need to be consecutive.

Mentoring from VIPs

The top 5 most lucrative shops will win a week of mentorship from highly successful entrepreneurs while staying at the luxurious Oheka Castle in Long Island. Winners will be selected from 4 categories: fashion and apparel, electronics and gadgets, art, and jewelry and crafts. There'll also be 'wild card' winner.

One of the VIP mentors is Tim Ferriss – high-profile author, entrepreneur, angel investor and public speaker. He holds a strong belief that entrepreneurs are the "value drivers of the modern world". He commented:

The Build a Business competition has helped, at this point, tens of thousands of people to build businesses. Some of them have become huge and have changed how we view the world. Tim Ferriss, VIP mentor and entrepreneur.

The week’s retreat kicks off with the winners ringing the NYSE's Opening Bell, while a banner with their names on drapes the building’s façade. They'll also do live interviews about their businesses with CNBC.

Winners from 2015

Last year’s winners included 2 new businesses based in London: Shore Projects, a seaside-inspired watch company, and CocoWhite, which produces a natural toothpaste using coconut oil.

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