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Understand Your Credit Score to Find Finance, Says US Survey

US survey reveals a common trait among SMEs that succeed in securing business loans

23rd November 2015

By Elma Glasgow

It's no secret that many small and medium-sized ventures struggle to secure essential growth and startup business loans – especially from traditional sources. Many business owners still fall back on personal savings and their own credit cards in fact.

A survey by Nav, an American company helping SMEs access finance, shows that out of the businesses rejected for funding, almost half (45%) were turned down more than once, and 23% didn't know the reason for failure.

However, the research did discover a common thread among business owners who submitted successful business loan applications. Those who understood their business credit scores were 41% more likely to get funding. But nearly half didn't realise they even had a credit score for the business, and 8 in 10 didn't know how to interpret it.

This knowledge gap is harming SMEs as well as the US economy, according to Nav.

Without knowing how to prepare for a small business loan application, an enterprise's chances of survival and growth can be seriously affected, so it's worth getting advice on protecting your credit rating.

For more survey results, take a look at Nav's infographic:

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Via: Nav