Fleximize Partners with Will-Writing Platform Farewill

Fleximize have partnered with leading online will-writing platform Farewill, to help its customers plan for the inevitable.

24th June 2019

When you’re running a business, lots of things get pushed to the backburner. There are forgotten sports days, missed anniversaries, and parent-teacher meetings that you only seem to hear about a week afterwards. But there’s one thing that absolutely shouldn’t be forgotten about - your will.

Writing a will is one of the most “put-off” things in the UK, with around 30 million adults in the UK without a will, and research from Which? showing that around 5.4 million people have no idea how to make one. They’re often complicated and expensive for anyone, let alone when you’re running a business and have a hundred other things on your mind. It’s fair to say that creating a will probably isn’t high on your priority list.

But it’s one of the most important documents that you’ll ever have to sign, with your will deciding what happens to your estate after you die (particularly important if you’re not married), allowing you to appoint guardians for your children, and making sure your plans are carried out exactly how you want in the event of your death.

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Fleximize Partners with Farewill

To helps its customers plan for the inevitable, Fleximize have partnered with leading online will-writing platform Farewill. Farewill makes the process of writing a will a breeze, meaning you don’t even have to step foot in a stuffy solicitor’s office. For as little as £90, you can create your will online in under 30 minutes and have your will professionally checked by their team of in-house legal experts. You can then rest easy, safe in the knowledge that, in the event of your death, what you want to happen with your estate, happens.

As a Fleximize Member, you’ll get up to £40 in Amazon vouchers when you create a will through Farewill using our exclusive offer code, enabling you to put off the will you’ve been meaning to get sorted, and get a nice new diary to make sure you don’t miss the next sports day, wedding anniversary or parent-teacher meeting.

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