Peter Tuvey: 'UK Unicorns to Thrive Post-Brexit'

In an article for Growth Business, Fleximize's founder predicted a bright future for UK tech

30th June 2017

In an article for Growth Business, the online resource for entrepreneurs, Fleximize’s co-founder Peter Tuvey shared his thoughts on the post-Brexit future of Britain’s “unicorns”.

With 18 of Europe’s 47 unicorns – startups valued at over $1 billion – residing in the UK, there’s been a lot of speculation on what Britain’s departure from the EU will mean for these companies, and the British startup scene as whole. Some have suggested, for example, that Brexit will restrict tech firms’ ability to recruit talent from the continent, potentially forcing them to move their headquarters to another country within the EU.

However, as Peter points out, the overarching mood among the UK’s unicorns has been anything but pessimistic, with many treating Brexit as an opportunity, rather than a threat.

Check out the article in full here, and while you’re at it, why not take a look at our interactive microsite that ranks the world’s unicorns by the time it took them to reach the billion-dollar mark?

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