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Millionaires to Billionaires

Look at when 21 of the world's richest entrepreneurs made their fortunes

4th February 2016

Ever wondered how long it'd take you to become a millionaire? Can you imagine the car you'd drive? Can you picture your deluxe penthouse?

Dare you think really big and imagine achieving billionaire status? That one Porsche becomes a whole collection, and that stunning penthouse mushrooms into properties in Barbados, London, Malaga, and perhaps a Thai island for good measure.

The real billionaires

It's good to dream big, but let's take a look at the people who've actually achieved it. For some, making it to a billion has taken a lifetime, where others got there in just a few years.

Sir Richard Branson did it at 41 – mainly through Virgin Records and the airline. Jeff Bezos made his first billion at 35 thanks to his Amazon shares. These company founders are currently valued at £4.7 billion and £54.4 billion respectively.

We've taken 21 of some of the world's richest entrepreneurs who've worked their way from millionaire to billionaire, and looked at how long it took them to get there.

Creative content

Believe it or not, it’s actually hard to find out when people like George Lucas and Bill Gates made their fortune, and to compare and contrast their ages. But creative agency, Distilled, transformed the data into this unique piece of interactive content for Fleximize.

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