Morning Routines of Inspirational Leaders

Morning Routines of Inspirational Leaders

Sunrise gym workouts, 6-mile runs and dawn emails – some morning habits of big achievers

6th January 2016

Have you ever wondered what earthly force drives that one colleague who gets up for 5.30am gym sessions, followed by a spot of Bikram yoga, before bouncing into work after replying to emails and tweets, and posting an impossibly perky-looking Instagram pic?

There’s no doubt that some people's morning rituals are as ambitious as their careers. In fact, what they do before they get into the office is often part of their careers; it's that intense zeal and sense of purpose that propel them to the top.

Rare glimpse at morning habits

In partnership with creative agency, Distilled, Fleximize has produced more exciting interactive content, depicting the morning routines of highly successful people. Take a look at what the likes of Barack Obama, Martha Stewart, Tim Cook, Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey and Tim Armstrong manage to achieve before the rest of the working world awakes.

From sunrise Scrabble to morning meditation, you'll be blown away by some of the habits revealed in the content.

Whether it inspires you or simply entertains you, you'll get a rare insight into what some of the planet's most inspirational people do with the start of their day – well before you've bought your daily frothy coffee.

The content also shows you which VIPs manage to maintain a hugely successful status while arising at a more relaxed 8.30am.

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