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Fleximize on Share Radio: Why Banks Reject Millions in Finance for London SMEs

Managing Partner Max Chmyshuk explains reasons for refusals and why altfi is the future

30th November 2015

Share Radio invited Fleximize's Co-founder and Managing Partner, Max Chmyhsuk, to discuss recent Fleximize analysis, which reveals that banks continue to turn down millions in SME credit applications, despite a slight improvement in lending since the recession.

The firm, which pioneered revenue-based finance for the UK's small businesses, found that in the first half of 2015 banks rejected up to £442.3 million in credit applications from SMEs in London.

Max explains the reasons for the banks' behaviour, and how this has fuelled the alternative funding sector - the future future for SME finance. He also explains where SMEs can go to find a broad range of sources of business funding.

Listen now:

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