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Customers Give Five Stars to Fleximize

"Outstanding", "diligent", "efficient" and "courteous" – just some of our customer feedback

30th November 2015

Fleximize is an innovative alternative lender that also provides a touch of the 'old fashioned' banking ethos.

Our customers can apply quickly and easily for a quote online, but it's our dedicated relationship managers that get to know each of our customers and guide them through the process.

This personalized approach means business owners get the attention they need to find the right loan (we have a few flexible options), and to help them choose a repayment plan that suits them. Our friendly team is also here to answer any questions from customers who are considering topping up their loan, repaying early or taking out a repeat loan later on.

Fleximize customers are happy customers

To prove it, here are a few of the many reviews left by Fleximize on TrustPilot – an online review community that builds trust between consumers and businesses.

Incredible Service, a Lender You Can Trust: As soon as I contacted Fleximize they were on the case from the word 'go', with e-mail and telephone communications. What impressed me the most was the understanding of our business model; they could see how much we have progressed and were happy to offer us the funding to further expand. Our growth strategy for the forthcoming year is further acquisitions and with the funding received from Fleximize this will allow us to do this. We are looking forward to working with Fleximize in the near future and certainly would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Stuart, SDM Productions

Totally Reliable: Fleximize are very diligent. The staff there are very courteous, and it is a pleasure to do business with them. Well done to relationship manager, Jenny Knight, by the way. I feel now that they are a business partner and I intend to have a long business relationship with them.

Malcolm, Lewis Ladd & Co Accountants

As a small business owner cash flow is always the biggest challenge we are faced with. Banks are supposed to support small businesses however when asking for financial assistance you are faced with a ridiculous application process that takes weeks, then you are highly likely to be turned down. This is why I'm so pleased a friend recommended Fleximize. They were quick, thorough and their customer service was simply fantastic. As a seasonal business they have really helped us out and I would recommend them highly to any business looking for help with their finances.

Polly, Nabbd bridal shop

From the outset I received a high standard of customer service. I found all my questions and concerns answered and responded to very quickly. Once I had committed to our project and signed the relevant compliance forms, the funds were deposited swiftly to conclude the deal.

Carl, Rumbar Limited

Fleximize wants to make sure everything is tickety-boo for our customers in terms of delivering an excellent service and that our support is helping businesses grow.

We adapt and progress according to developments in digital technology and take on board customer feedback, responding to suggestions and addressing concerns immediately. We're delighted that so many customers are moved to review Fleximize on TrustPilot and we look forward to working with more ambitious business owners in the future.