Celebrate SME Lending with Love Lending Week - Fleximize

Love Lending Week

Welcome to the biggest week in our calendar

3rd November 2014

Fleximize and the NACFB – the commercial finance broker trade body – along with other business funders are getting together to celebrate small businesses and promote SME lending. Marcus Grimshaw, chairman of the NACFB, which is leading the campaign, sums up the week’s effort with the following quote:

“Love Lending Week celebrates the fantastic work that independent brokers and lenders are doing across the country to help small businesses access finance. This is a great opportunity for industry to shout about the great work they’re doing and join the campaign.”

Given all the news we’ve been hearing about high street banks sounding the retreat and reducing lending to SMEs – in many cases, despite government help – we agree with the NACFB and others that it’s about time more of a fuss is made about the role that independent brokers and funders are doing to help small businesses continue to grow.

Love Lending Week

So in our own celebration of Love Lending Week, here are a few facts and figures about the changes in lending in the UK:

These stats lead us to two conclusions:

  1. Increasingly ‘alternative finance’ is no longer being seen as an alternative source – not by government and not by SMEs – perhaps we should begin thinking of a new name. New Finance, anyone?
  2. The companies that make up New Finance really do love lending to small businesses.

It’s a brave new world for SME finance, and Fleximize is proud to be a part of it!