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Google, Iconic Phone Boxes & Origami Plant Pots

Traffic from Google declines. Repurposing the UK's red phone boxes. Flat-pack plant pots.

By The Fleximize Team

In this month’s edition of Business Bookmarks, we look at how less than half of all Google searches now result in a click, how the UK's iconic red telephone boxes are being repurposed by innovative business owners, and the Scottish entrepreneurs who've created 100% recyclable plant pots that can fit in an envelope.

To Consider

Less than 50% of Google searches result in clicks

June 2019 marked the first time that the majority of browser-based searches on Google resulted in zero clicks.

This article presents the data behind the story, delving into how the percentage of searches available as organic traffic from Google is steadily declining, particularly on mobile. The article also puts forward how marketers and small business owners can take steps to protect their own websites, such as finding ways to get value from zero-click searches and seeking out keywords with results that have a higher CTR. It's a must-read for any small business who wants to stay on top of their SEO. (Via Sparktoro)

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The impact of skills-based immigration on your small business

Business Matters Magazine considers the impact of the future skills-based UK immigration system, and whether it will ultimately help or hinder small businesses within the UK.

With more than 60% of full-time jobs in the UK currently being paid lower than £30,000, industries such as healthcare and education have been vocal in their opposition of the £30,000 minimum salary threshold for those wanting to work in the UK after Brexit. This article also explores the impact of the 12-month work and residency limit and immigration skills charge on small businesses. The government has acknowledged that there will be a reduction in the UK workforce of around 200,000 - 400,000 EEA nationals in the next five years, so this is well worth a read if your business employs non-UK nationals. (Via Business Matters Magazine)

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To Inform

The impact of inequality on the economy

The Boston Consulting Group has conducted research that found that the global economy could experience a $5 trillion boost if female entrepreneurs received the same level of support as their male counterparts.

The research found that women only received $1.9 billion in funding compared to $83.1 billion in funding that men received in 2017. In this article, Janice Gassam delves into the barriers that have prevented female entrepreneurs from accessing the funding and support their businesses need to thrive, along with exploring how to overcome them. It’s an insightful look at how we can level the playing field. (Via Forbes)

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How restaurants are overtaking retailers on the high street

In the last financial year, two-thirds of all ‘change of use’ applications made by businesses to councils were to request changing a high street shop into either a restaurant, café or takeaway. Real Business explores why the demand for these premises continues to rise.

Despite the decline in high street stores, restaurants continue to thrive, with 1.7 million UK consumers eating out once a week. This article considers how independent restaurants and delis seem to have the upper hand on both high street shops and restaurant chains, with consumers valuing a personal approach and community feel. Read the full article to learn more. (Via Real Business)

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British consumers value high street restaurants, cafés and delis more than retail stores.

To Inspire

The small businesses making a home in telephone boxes

There are currently only 10,000 red telephone boxes left on the streets of the UK. The Guardian’s Stephen Moss takes a look at how they’re being repurposed by creative small business owners.

From mini art galleries and book-swap points to defibrillator booths, charities and trusts up and down the country have been using decommissioned red telephone boxes to house their products for years. Recently, small businesses have followed suit, such as the phone-box-turned-coffee-kiosk in Hampstead and the phone repair company that uses a red telephone box booth in Holborn as a base from which they repair cracked phone screens. Read the full article below to learn more about the small businesses making use of the UK’s iconic telephone boxes. (Via The Guardian)

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The 100% recycled plant pot that can be posted as a letter

A pair of Scottish designer engineers have created a self-watering plant pot made out of 100% recycled material that can be mailed in envelopes.

The origami design also means that the product can be assembled with a single pull on the product's cotton cord, which doubles as a means of watering the plant at a steady rate. The pot is capable of holding water in its base and is also smash-proof. The business, named Potr, has already exceeded their target on Kickstarter and claim that their pots have almost 100 x less CO2 footprint than clay or concrete plant pots, mainly due to the fact that they can be delivered by mail. In addition, all materials are sourced within Europe and products are manufactured in Bristol. (Via Real Business)

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To Action

The secret to securing time with powerful people

This article explores how to get powerful people to make time for you, whether it’s for a job interview, an investment pitch or just a salary review.

In this article for Fast Company, Judith Humphrey shares five tips on how to get people to say ‘yes’ to meeting you without hounding them with automated emails. By tweaking your approach, such as carefully tailoring your language, and considering the psychology behind how the recipient will respond to your request, you’ll be able to get through to high powered individuals with better success. Read on to find out how. (Via Fast Company)

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How salary sacrifice pensions could save you money

James Alesbury of HWB Chartered Accountants talks us through the details of how salary sacrifice pensions work, and how they can provide a tax-efficient way to boost your employees’ pensions.

Navigating the different pension options that you can offer your employees can seem like a tricky business. With Relief at Source, Net Pay Arrangements and Salary Sacrifice to consider, it’s difficult to decide at a glance which one will work best for you. If you’re still undecided, or you're unsure of exactly how salary sacrifice pensions can boost your employees’ earnings, this guide will provide you some valuable insight on the subject. (Via Fleximize)

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