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5 Sales Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2019

Looking for ways to motivate your sales team? We have the perfect fix - a list of the best sales podcasts available to you in 2019.

By Charlotte Powell

To complement our recent article highlighting the best business podcasts of 2019, here's a list of our favourite sales podcasts for you to check out this year. Whether you have sales questions that need answering, need help with social selling, or you’re just looking for some advanced sales techniques to share with your sales team, there's something here for everyone.

We’ve also included links to an episode of each of these podcasts to get you started. Most of these will begin with a message from the sponsors, but don’t be put off, you can usually skip the first few minutes to get straight into the conversation.

1. Selling With Social

Mario Martinez Jr | Best for: SMEs & startups

Hosted by Mario Martinez Jr, this podcast covers intricate details about messaging, leadership, how to start conversations, building relationships, digital selling, strategy and so much more. Every episode is an interview, so there’s lots to learn from a host of experts.

We love the tone of this podcast, especially the way it treats sales as both an art and a science. It’s a great resource for entrepreneurs and smaller start-ups, as the tips provided by the wealth of guests cover all the basics and much more. With episodes ranging from 'Implementing the PVS Sales Methodology for LinkedIn' to 'How to Maximize Modern Sales Effectiveness and Productivity,' this one is a great all-rounder to get you started.

Start with: Going Beyond Marketing and Sales Alignment with Justin Shriber

2. Sales Questions, Brutally Honest Answers

Brian Burns | Best for: Quick advice

Brian Burns has three podcasts about sales and selling, all of which are worth listening to. This particular podcast takes questions via LinkedIn and answers them in easily digestible 10-minute episodes. Burns has more than 20 years of selling experience, as well as his subsequent sales training and all that he’s learned from the guests on his other podcasts, so his insights are well-informed and easy to digest.

Burns presents his answers with humour and honesty, so his podcast is a bit like listening to advice from a kind uncle with minimal filter. Even if you disagree with him, his answers will help you think about the way you want to work.

Start with: How to Quickly Build Trust So You Can Win the Deal

3. Advanced Selling

Bill Caskey & Brian Neale | Best for: Motivation

Bill Caskey and Brian Neale present this well-oiled machine of a podcast, which has a kind of drivetime radio vibe that quickly makes the listener feel like part of the gang.

In terms of content, the presenters take questions from listeners and throw them around between themselves for the bulk of the show. As sales trainers, they have a lot of expertise to share and they do so with humour and understanding. Episodes tend to be development-driven, which means they're perfect if you're after a bit of motivation or inspiration.

Start with: Sorry. You Lost. It Was a Coin Toss.

4. The Alignment Podcast

Jeff Davis | Best for: Growing businesses

Jeff Davis interviews high profile industry experts about their experience and philosophy on alignment. The podcast looks at how alignment impacts customer experience, how it affects internal operations, and how it can be achieved — basically all the areas that need to be covered if you’re looking at how and why you could bring your organisation closer together.

The Alignment Podcast website also features brief episode guides and additional resources, which is great if there’s something specific in the episode that you wanted to follow up on.

Start with: Getting Aligned On Content That Actually Engages Buyers

5. B2B Growth

Logan Lyles| Best for: B2B sales teams

Logan Lyles, James Carbary and Nikki Ivey cover a wide range of B2B topics and marketing tactics in this daily podcast. Each episode features a guest who provides their expert opinion, advice and experience on B2B marketing and sales, covering niche topics such as using customer discovery data, building an ABM team and email unsubscribe rates.

Dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth, episodes also cover broader topics such as content marketing, marketing technology and how to cut your sales cycle in half. Overall, this makes the podcasts a fantastic all-rounder for B2B sales and marketing teams.

Start with: 3 Keys to Sales & Marketing Alignment on a High-Growth Team

No matter how long you have been in sales, there is always something new to learn or a new avenue to explore. If you're keen to stay in the know, take a look at our list of the very best business blogs, online magazines and websites for entrepreneurs and small business owners to follow in 2019.

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Charlotte Powell is Head of Creative at iPresent, a sales enablement platform that aims to empower conversations every step of the way, from successful sales presentations to improving the relationship between sales and marketing. Their all-in-one Sales Enablement Tool empowers sales teams to increase productivity, deliver engaging sales presentations and close more deals.