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How Virtual Offices Can Benefit SMEs

Many business owners may consider renting out a virtual office space in the early stages of growth. Christina Attrah of Virtual HQ explores the benefits of virtual offices to SMEs.

By Christina Attrah

Efficiency, a positive reputation, and financial security are three of the most important factors that business owners focus on when building a successful startup. Whilst a dedicated office will help to legitimize your business, the costs associated with rental fees, office equipment and utility bills can cause serious financial strain on businesses in their infancy.

A virtual office provides all of the services that come with a traditional brick and mortar office space at a fraction of the cost, which is why virtual offices can be the perfect option for small businesses looking to establish a professional corporate image. But it's not all about financial gain - a virtual office is a modern solution for startups that seek to create a collaborative workspace with many added benefits. Read on to discover why more and more SMEs are favouring virtual office spaces over traditional offices.

1. Remote working

There's plenty of research suggesting that working remotely increases productivity. Virtual offices are therefore fantastic for increasing your own productivity as well as that of your employees. By eliminating commuting and general office distractions, employees can focus solely on getting the job done while business owners can focus on growth and expansion. This also decreases employee turnover and results in less stress amongst the team.

2. Professionalism

The corporate identity of your business can really make or break its reputation. Say you were researching a couple of potential graphic designers to help with your branding, and one operated from their home address whilst the other had an office address. Which designer would appear more legitimate to you? As such, using an official office address as your base of operations can drastically increase the professional outlook of your business.

3. Security

If you’re just starting out, then it’s likely that you're working from a home office to keep costs low. By registering your business with your home address, you not only show clients that this is your base of operations, but you also make your address known to the public. By registering your business in a prestigious location, you can prevent any risk of unsolicited visits or clients showing up at your doorstep unexpectedly.

4. No commitment needed

Traditional offices typically require a long lease which may not be feasible for a startup to commit to. Many virtual offices will allow you to rent monthly or on an ad hoc basis. This also helps if you ever need to relocate to a different virtual office location to meet business needs.

A big part of business growth involves testing out different markets – by using a virtual office service you can hire out multiple offices across the UK to establish yourself without making any long-term commitments. This will allow you to tap into different markets and assess where a permanent base would work in the long-term.

5. Additional business support

Virtual offices provide a variety of supplementary services and packages to further support your business. By using these services, you rid yourself of tasks such as mailing, faxing, scanning and even answering the telephone, which highly trained staff can do on your behalf, meaning more time spent on reaching your business goals. If you want to arrange a client meeting but are reluctant to bring customers to your own home or meet in a coffee shop, virtual offices will also provide meeting rooms as part of your service which you can book out at your convenience.

Virtual offices operate during normal working office hours, meaning you’ll ever miss any mail, calls or anything else that could go to your chosen virtual office. You can rest assured that you can go out on client visits knowing everything will be looked after on your behalf.

6. Attract in-demand candidates

With a virtual office, you aren’t restricted to one area when recruiting, as you have a much larger talent pool to dip into when searching for new recruits. Not having a physical office means you can allow your staff to work remotely and therefore hire the very best candidates for the role, no matter where they are based. The fact that you're offering flexibility and a better work/life balance will also make you an attractive employer. With your employees focusing on their own productivity, you will be able to focus on growing your business.

About the Author

Christina Attrah is a copywriter for Virtual HQ – a leading provider of virtual office spaces across major cities over the UK. Spanning 30+ locations, Virtual HQ is a jargon-free service that allows you to rent out office space easily and offers a variety of supplementary services to cater to your business needs.

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