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Fleximize Misspellings

From Flexisize to Fleximice, we've seen it all

By The Fleximize Team

At Fleximize, we’re pretty used to people misspelling or mispronouncing our name. But we don’t mind – instead we’ve put together a list of misspellings we’ve seen over the years. And, in the spirit of supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs, we’ve even thought up potential business ideas for our favourite misspellings.


If you struggle with a tight waistband after your Sunday roast, try Flexisize. This one-size-fits-all onesie stretches with you, so you no longer need to turn down that fourth helping of roast potatoes. Made from the ultimate stretchable polyester, and available in a range of colours, the Flexisize is the practical fashion choice for those with big appetites.


Never sure when the rhythm is going to get you? Worried about spontaneously breaking out in to dance? You’re safe at Flexercise. This unique gym promotes dance as a form of exercise, rewarding you each time you throw some shapes while you’re on the premises. Expect monthly membership discounts and free PT sessions as rewards if we catch you moonwalking off your treadmill.


Ever walk down the street and realize you’ve accidentally taken your bee hive with you? Fear not – Flexihives are the go-to solution for bee keepers across the world. If you don’t want to leave your fuzzy pals at home on their own, simply bring them out with you and store them at one of our many flexible bee hive lockers for a small fee.


If you're worried about where to keep your bees, try Flexihives.


Flexamize is the biannual outdoor gathering for fitness fans across the UK. Simply turn up, show us your best flex and get rated by our panel of esteemed flexers. It’s free to enter and our first prize includes one-year’s supply of fake tan.


Supermarket cat food no longer cutting the mustard? Try Feliximize which is both cat- and pocket-friendly. We even source our packaging and ingredients from the bustling town of Felixstowe, where cat lovers abound.


Fleximaize is our sister company, lending exclusively to cereal entrepreneurs. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity and support to build a business, regardless of whether they are sentient or not.


We lend exclusively to cereal entrepreneurs.


‘Fliximize and chill’ is all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. For the small fee of £99.99 a month, you can have unlimited access to every movie or TV show currently airing in the UK with Fliximize (one user per subscription, maximum daily use capped at 45 minutes).


Got a problem that you can’t solve? Don’t want to turn to your friends or family? Need a wizard’s advice? We got you. Simply sign up to our online portal, Flexiwize, where genuine wizards from across the UK will be waiting to provide you with advice, guidance and even the odd spell to ward off bad fortune. Our service is 100 per cent confidential and we have a 94 per cent satisfaction rating (based on a 2001 study of 12 participants).


Fleximice is the perfect solution for all of your pet-lending needs. From dormice, African pygmy mice and even the pachyuromys duprasi, we stock a plethora of rodents for any occasion. And with flexible terms, you can keep your furry little friend for as long as you desire (subject to availability and fees).


The perfect solution for if you need to rent a pet in a hurry.

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