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How to Download a Bank Statement

A simple guide to downloading a bank statement from all of the major UK banks

By Elizabeth Page

When applying for a business loan, you’ll probably be asked to provide some supporting documents that will help a lender assess your eligibility for funding. One of the documents that most lenders request is a bank statement covering a specific period of time. Here at Fleximize, we only require a business to share its transaction history for the past three months. 

The majority of lenders will ask for bank statements in PDF format because CSV files can be manipulated. However, it’s still worth checking which format a lender would prefer before sending your statement across. You can view PDF statements in Google Chrome and Firefox, or by installing Adobe Reader or a similar application. Alternatively, you can print and scan your statement before sending or uploading it. 

Here’s how to download or print your bank statement from most UK current account providers.

Barclays Bank

Clydesdale Bank

The Co-Operative Bank PLC

Coventry Building Society

Tap away
Tap away:

With online and mobile banking, you can download bank statements to support your business funding application wherever you are

First Direct



Lloyds Bank

Metro Bank

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A lender should tell you the format in which they'd prefer to receive your bank statement


Royal Bank of Scotland


These instructions are based on the banks’ websites at the time of publication. If the websites change, our instructions might not reflect the experience you’re having online. Please let us know if this happens, and we’ll be happy to make changes. Fleximize does not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any person relying on any statement or omission in these instructions.