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Cybersecurity, Czech Charm & Commuter Congestion

The humble password. The pretty sights of Prague. The future of train tickets.

By Jessie Leong

As another week draws to a close, the latest edition of Business Bookmarks has landed, providing you with some much-needed brain fuel to see in the weekend. This week, we explore the future of ticketing systems, the software that your business needs right now, and the perfect TV programme for weekend viewing.

Long Reads

The battle of tech versus government

Tech companies are often applauded for their ground-breaking innovations, but with Uber’s ban in London and the pressure on social media sites to tackle fake news, tech firms are starting to come under an increasing level of scrutiny. Moreover, the ease at which information can be accessed through the likes of Facebook and Google, and the operation of Airbnb in cities that ban short-term rentals, means that tech companies often find themselves fighting against different governments. And, according to Fortune, these battles could just be the beginning. (Via Fortune)

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Is facial recognition the ticket to combating commuter congestion?

Anyone who has travelled on the Tube during rush hour will be all too familiar with commuter congestion. Green platform markings were introduced earlier this month in an effort to reduce congestion, but the company responsible for Oyster card technology is already looking at ways to minimalize this bottleneck effect in the future. Could facial recognition or palm vein scanning be the way forward? The team at Wired discuss the options. (Via Wired)

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At face value
At face value:

Facial recognition technology could be used to combat the chaos of rush hour

Short Reads

A war on hate speech

EU regulators have prompted tech juggernauts Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to knuckle down on hate speech and terrorist-related content on their respective platforms. Failure to do so could result in more stringent regulations as early as next year. It comes following widespread criticism of social media networks for their laissez-faire tactic to the content that users can publish on their sites, with many seeing it as the companies’ corporate social responsibility to crack down on hate speech and extremist material. (Via VentureBeat)

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The importance of the humble password

Following the recent hacks of Equifax and Deloitte, business owners are right to be concerned about their company’s cybersecurity. A laid-back approach is no longer an option, especially since the leak of any confidential customer data can have an irreversible effect on a company, and immediately tarnish its reputation. Whilst complex procedures and policies are of high importance, Business Matters tells us why a secure password is still a key part of protecting your business from an attack. (Via Business Matters)

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To Action

Become a PR pro

Whilst hiring a PR agency might not be within the budget of every business, gaining brand visibility is vital for growth. Thankfully, investing in PR doesn’t have to dent your bank balance, meaning any small business can easily incorporate it into their marketing strategy. From keeping up-to-date with industry news to learning to write a killer press release, Alison Shadrack, founder and CEO of Adia PR, reveals the secrets to doing PR on a shoestring budget. (Via The Knowledge Hub)

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Clean up your website

Your website is often the first impression that a potential customer will have of your business, which is why it’s crucial to make sure it’s not left neglected. A study by design analytics company EyeQuant concluded that clean web design produces lower bounce rates compared to their more cluttered equivalents. Whether you’re about to create a website for your business for the first time, or it’s due an upgrade, it’s probably worth finding out how you can help it reach its maximum potential. (via Fast Company Design)

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Cleaning up
Cleaning up:

Customers tend to respond better to a clean website than a cluttered one

To Visit

Discover the charm of Prague

With its diverse history, beautiful landscapes and eclectic nightlife, the medieval city of Prague ticks all the right boxes for a European city break. The famous astronomical clock in the Old Town Square is a must-see, whilst a cruise along the Vltava river offers stunning views of the city’s many sights. For any budding bookworms out there, the Franz Kafka Museum is also well worth a trip, with the dark and mysterious atmosphere befitting of his work. (Via The Culture Trip)

Czech it Out

To Watch

This is Us

With This is Us back for its second season in the US, there’s no time like the present to catch up on this Emmy Award-winning TV show. Based on the connections of several people who share the same birthday, each episode entwines the present with the past – spanning the 1980s to present day – as we follow the lives of siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall. Thanks to the superb acting from the likes of Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown, and its emotive scripts that tug on the heartstrings, it’s easy to see why this show was chosen as one of the top ten programmes of 2016 by the American Film Institute. (Via Amazon)

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To Use

Connecting with customers made easy

Customer communication is the backbone of any successful company, but email or telephone calls may not always be the right answer. Say hello to messaging platform Intercom, the hassle-free way to communicate with your customers whilst they’re visiting your website or using your app. Intercom allows you to address any customer concerns or queries immediately, and tailor answers according to a visitor's browsing behaviour. This personalised approach is proven to be a highly effective method in converting prospects into customers. (Via Intercom)

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