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How Freelance Copywriters Can Benefit SMEs

Lost for words? It might be time to find a freelance copywriter for your business

By Elma Glasgow

A whopping 5.5 million enterprises make up the UK’s private sector, with SMEs representing a massive 99.9%. It puts the country’s business landscape into perspective, doesn’t it?

However, with more small ventures springing up here, there and everywhere, competition is intensifying. In a crowded marketplace, you need to shine brightly.

Due to limited budgets, many SMEs don’t have marketing teams. Nor do they outsource. Yet, by failing to develop your brand, you’ll miss out on opportunities, stunting your growth. It’s that simple.

A freelance copywriter is a business whizz

Copywriting is just one strand of marketing, but it’s essential. The way people search for services or products has changed dramatically in recent years, well and truly changing the game.

Did you know that more people now access the internet via smartphones than laptops and tablets? Since engaging customers online requires specific tactics, profits could plummet if you don’t have a smart plan.

A marketing copywriter can help you tackle challenges like this. Possessing sharp commercial skills, they’ll produce a bespoke copywriting strategy. To do this, they’ll:

The write stuff
The write stuff:

A freelance copywriter can help your business stand out from the crowd

Need more convincing?

Here are some other reasons why copywriters are a must-have for SMEs:

1. They speak your customers’ language

Copywriters know what your audience wants to hear. As Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, once remarked, “People aren’t interested in you. They’re interested in themselves.”

Without the right skills, writing the words that will convince people to buy is tricky. Copywriters know the rules. Let them handle it.

2. Get help finding your voice

To stand out, every brand needs its own tone of voice. A seasoned copywriter will explore what makes your business tick, how you want to position yourself, and the kind of customers you want to attract. This helps enhance your brand personality.

Whether you want to be friendly but no-nonsense like Fleximize, a bit daft and fun like Innocent Drinks, or sophisticated like Rolex, your identity is critical to effective marketing copy.

3. Figure out why you’re different

A freelance copywriter will pull out your unique selling points (USPs). If you’re already clear on these, that’s great, but if you’re unsure, a copywriter will find out what it is that puts the chilli on your hot dog.

4. Saving time and hassle

Do you ever sit there, head in hands, struggling to write? The words pinball around your mind, refusing to trickle down your shoulders, arms, fingers, and out onto the keyboard?

The solution: jump on Google and find someone who knows how it’s done. Then, you can get on with building your empire.

5. Understanding digital trends

How many times have you been exasperated with your SEO results? It could be that Google’s latest update has knocked your optimization strategy off course. Maybe you’ve posted duplicate content on another website. Perhaps your backlinks are poor quality.

Hand over the responsibility to an SEO copywriter – they’ll keep your content high in search results, whilst producing top-grade copy.

6. Impressing your investors

Let’s face it: first impressions are critical. Especially to busy, important people like investors. If you’re looking for backers, hire a writer to overhaul your copy.

Well-written, well-targeted copy is also a pitching tool, showing funders that you offer something special. When people land on your website, they’ll see instantly that you’re taking your brand seriously.

Time to invest in more appetizing content?

So, why settle for a soggy bacon butty when you can have the full English? Ditch the sloppy copy and find a reliable copywriting service. Your scribe will cook up words with much more substance, boosting customer engagement, inspiring enquiries and revving up conversions.

About the author

Elma Glasgow is an experienced journalist, copywriter and PR professional. She has worked with brands including Comic Relief, the British Red Cross, Warner Bros. and Sony Music, as well as numerous SMEs. Her business, Red Ruby Copywriting, creates content that empowers brands and tells engaging stories.