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Top 50 Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2016

Give your timeline an early spring clean with these awesome twitter accounts

By David Kiriakidis

Whether you’re new to Twitter or an established Twitterer (I think that’s the term, but no one knows for sure), you’ll be aware of a common problem that plagues us all: keeping your timeline full of tweets and content that you actually want to see.

It’s easier said than done. With the flash-in-the-pan-nature of Twitter content, it’s a lot easier to click that follow button than it is to unfollow all of the accounts putting out irrelevant content.

Before you know it, you’re scrolling down the page and seeing all of those lovely articles you want to read suddenly hidden by the throngs of cat videos, competitions and 4-year-olds playing the piano (better than you).

To help cure you of, what I’m dubbing 'distractionitis', here’s a list of 50 of the best Twitter accounts for you to follow in 2016.

Some of them focus on marketing, some on tech, and some on running a small business, but there's good reason to them – they put out great content, offer insightful comments and opinion, and serve to inspire entrepreneurs.


Rand Fishkin - CEO of Moz

Jay Baer - Author, speaker, podcaster, investor

Jeff Bullas - Content marketing influencer, social media marketing strategist and speaker

Dharmesh Shah - Founder/ CTO at HubSpot

Will Critchlow - Founder and CEO at Distilled

Seth Godin - Author and blogger

Jono Alderson - Digital strategist and international speaker

John W. Hayes - Author of Becoming the Expert

Sujan Patel - Contributor at Inc, Entrepreneur and Forbes

Neil Patel - Founder of Kissmetrics and CrazyEgg


Guy Kawasaki - Former Chief Evangelist at Apple

Matt Robinson - Co-Founder of GoCardless

Josh Kopelman - Venture capitalist

Tobi Lütke - CEO of Shopify


James Altucher - Serial author

Randi Zuckerberg - Founder of ZuckMedia

Drew Houston - Founder/ CEO of Dropbox

Michelle Mone - Entrepreneur, speaker and mentor


Christopher Mims - Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

Kevin Rose - CEO of Hodinkee and tech investor

Patrick Neeman - Digital prophet, speaker and design leader


Jeffrey Zeldman - A Book Apart, A List Apart

Dan Cederholm - CEO of Dribbble















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