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An Employee's Not Just for Christmas

The secret to a more productive workforce, all year round

By Perkbox

Employee reward experts, Perkbox, offer a festive insight into how you can hold on to your staff when the Christmas joy is over in the New Year – and beyond.

Happy at work?

How happy are you at work? If you’re grinning ear-to-ear just thinking about it, sadly you’re in the minority. More than half of the UK’s employees are unhappy at work.

But why is being happy at work so important? Well, it reduces staff turnover. According to the Daily Telegraph, 68% of workers aged between 18 and 24, and 65% of 25 to 34 year olds are considering a career change. Most businesses should feel unsettled by this news and do something about it.

Great results for keeping staff happy

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, the results can be pretty great if you know how to make your employees happy. Just look at the sleeping pods, crazy golf courses and treadmill desks in the office of tech giants Google and Facebook for a bit of inspiration.

The statistics say it all: contented employees are 12% more productive, and companies that take an active interest in their team’s motivation outperform the competition by an incredible 20%.

That’s not all – employees in positive workplaces are also more creative, patient and optimistic, not to mention more driven. They tend to grow into confident decision makers, and take 10 times fewer sick days than their unhappy colleagues.

People want to be happier at work

More than one third (36%) of people say they’d give up £3,000 a year to be happier at work. But by rewarding their employers, businesses can help reverse this worrying trend.

Workplace happiness is about making your people feeling valued and by providing businesses with tangible perks, Perkbox helps bosses reward employees, boost company morale, improve productivity, and hold on to their star players. The kind of rewards we offer range from 2-for-1 meals and cinema tickets, to free phone insurance and shopping discounts for big brands.

Beating the competition

Getting employee motivation right is also key to gaining the upper hand over your competition. It’s important not to ignore the link between your team’s happiness and your financial performance, whatever industry you work in.

Your employees are your biggest asset, and rewarding them could be your greatest investment.

So, as you move into 2016, consider rewarding your team all year round. In return, you’ll get a more productive workforce that's more engaged in their work, and less likely to go looking for new jobs.

If you would like help in rewarding your workforce, then why not contact the experts at Perkbox?