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Top 5 Board Games For Entrepreneurs

This Christmas why not buy these awesome board games that'll test your entrepreneurial talents?

By Caz Blaxcell

Every Christmas the shelves of every toy shop and e-commerce warehouse bulge with bright, shiny boxes containing the greatest board games. If you're an entrepreneur, these games give you yet another opportunity to flex your razor-sharp strategic skills, while getting your mind off business (for at least half-an-hour after Christmas dinner).

We’ve sifted through all kinds of board games for adults and compiled the top 5 board games that are a perfect match for the ambitious entrepreneur.

Monopoly: the classic strategy game

From strategy to managing cash flow, Monopoly is a miniature version of the path an entrepreneur has to follow to achieve success. Monopoly has been around, in one shape or another, for over a century, and although we’ve had various versions of the game all over the world, the basic rules have stayed in place. The rules are simple – bankrupt every other player in an attempt to take ownership of the entire board.

So, if this board game is on your agenda this Christmas, here’s our top tip on game-domination.

Create barriers to entry

Buy up everything you can afford to attain first-mover advantages, try to buy properties in the same colour family so you can start developing your empire (and ultimately, charge competitors rent when they land on your square). Lastly, try to build up long stretches of property that makes it near impossible for a competitor to not land on your properties and hand over the readies.

Going for Broke: reverse your business strategy

Perhaps a controversial pick, this game goes against every piece of discipline you taught yourself as a business owner – spend it all, and as quickly as possible! Well, you get the chance to play out this rather reckless role in a fictional world.

Also, it’s not your money you’ll be spending, its late Uncle Edward’s! The aim of the game is to get your hands on the inheritance, but in order to do so you must accept the challenge set in uncle’s will: spend £1 million faster than any other player. Spend wildly, splash out on life’s luxuries, gamble it all, just make sure you end up penniless and you’ll be the winner of the game – and of uncle's riches.

Forget your growth strategy

Our tip for this game is to leave your self-discipline at the office, totally let loose and do a 'Brewster's Millions'.

Rapidough: one for creatives

Rapidough is perfect for the creative entrepreneur, it’s a fun twist on the classic charades game and a personal favourite of mine. Some artistic talent is definitely an advantage in this game where players have to model the object outlined on one of the 300 cards. Their partner then has to guess what it is before the other team guesses theirs.

There can only be 2 teams in this game, both made up of a modeller and a guesser. However if there’s more than 4 of you, it’s just a fun game to play with more members on each team and take it in turns to test your dough-shaping skills and guess.

The object of the game is to win as many rounds as you can – the winning team gets to steal a chunk of the losing team’s dough, resulting in less for them to sculpt with and giving you the advantage! Once you’ve cleared all of their playdough, you’ll be crowned the winners.

Pick acquaintances wisely

This game relies purely on synchronization between the players on each team, so our tip is to pick your team well. If you have a lot in common with another player or you’re good friends, you’re more likely to understand how they work and what they’re trying to communicate through their modelling skills!

Co-opoly: win together

In contrast to the Monopoly strategy of buy up quickly and hammer your opponents for rent until they all go bankrupt, Co-opoly requires collaboration and teamwork to win.

This is a game of skill and solidarity where players must run a co-op and either win together by defeating Point Bank or lose together. It’s a 21st century swing on highlighting the essential skills to build a successful business and with the rise of freelancers and small business, it’s important for all professionals to form long-lasting bonds and partnerships with others in the industry.
Teamwork makes the dream work
The game is about teamwork so that's exactly what you need to focus on to win the game. It’s one of the only board games out there where you’re not in direct competition with the other players. So, if it’s been a long time since all the family has been together and you don’t want to embarrass them by beating them but you still want to win, this is the perfect game.

Cards against Humanity: the curve ball

It might not technically be a board game, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the greatest thing to happen to your games night since Doritos Chilli Heatwave Chips and nacho cheese dip.

Let me be clear, this isn’t a game to break out in front of grandma – it’s more suited to your chilled Boxing Day evening with friends and other adults, all with a crazy sense of humour.

The basic play of the game is: a Card Czar is selected, they read out loud a question or a fill-in-the-blank phrase on the Black card, and everyone else answers the question or fills in the plank by passing one white card to Czar. He or she then selects the funniest outcome and whoever played it gets a point.

Think out of the box

This game is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. If you have wild sense of humour and you want a good laugh, this is a great game for you. To win, just play the most controversial card you have and shock the other players. I’m not sure it will show off any of your commercial skills, but hey, it’s Christmas. You deserve a break from strategic thinking.

So, that's it: our round-up of the best available games for entrepreneurs to play this Christmas...and for years to come. Enjoy!